Expedite Expo 2021 July 16 - 17

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    What kind of Cb

    I too have a Cobra 29 with the Weather Channel, Connix Board and Galaxy Finals which Include Echo and Talk Back! Shoulda saved my Money on the Echo and Talk Back cuz I Don't Use them Hardly Ever Unless there's a CB Rambo or Pervert Out there that I Have to Get Over, Other Than that I Don't use...
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    AT&T is how I spell FAIL!

    I Have Verizon, I Got mad at them about a Month ago so I Dropped them and went with AT&T..That Lasted 6 Days because there are a lot of Dead Zones and Dropped Calls so I Went Back to Verizon....I Believe that I am Going to Stay with them for a Long Time Now that we got the Over Billing Problem...
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    I found this guy on craigslist called the DATA BROTHA

    Re: yall are sad Don't think he was Referring to you!! Read the Post Underneath Yours......... By Data Brotha
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    Desk top computer in a truck?

    Back a few tears ago when Lap Tops Cost a whole lot more than they are now I Used a Desk Top in my Truck and it worked real well. All of the Bumping and Bouncing didn't hurt it a bit. When I wasn't using it I placed it on top of a Pillow in that little Cubby Hole under the bunk along with the...