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    It's going to be a long season fellow Buckeye fans

    Yup, OSU definatley needs some new and different quarterbacks. Seems that the two that is there just can't do the job!:mad:
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    Report Coming..Pryor took $20 Grand

    That boy is a All American screw up :(
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    Ohio State

    Already Posted by Chef dennis with better information
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    OSU and Jim Tressel

    Tressel isn't going anywhere except back on the field with the Buckeyes. I don't believe that management would be so dumb as to get rid of him..:D
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    Lock out

    My thinking as well! Really wouldn't miss much anyway except TV Commercials. Besides I don't watch NFL that much and prefer College football over nfl any day.
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    Lock out

    Well guess what? The NFL is in a lock out because Everyone got too Greedy!:mad:
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    Super Bowl Picks

    Yup, She really screwed it up:mad:
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    Super Bowl Picks

    Nah, Not a Browns or a Lions fan. Actually I don't have a favorite NFL Team since Shanahan drafted Clarrett when he was with Denver. I am also Not a Pittsburgh fan either and I sure remember Ugly Jack Lambert! He was something on the field to be reckoned with wasn't he?:D
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    Super Bowl Picks

    Greenbay by 3:D
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    College Football Teams I Cheer For

    The Buckeyes and anyone else that beats Michigan are my favorite college teams!:D
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    Sparty on!

    Your right, Robinson is fun to watch. That guy is a slippery one for sure. He has a darn good chance at a NFL Career (Barring any serious injuries). Even though he is an Opponent I do wish him luck and to stay in good health as I wouldn't want to see any player get injured.
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    Sparty on!

    Michigan is gonna get "Another" Butt Whoopin this November Lol :D
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    football picks anyone?

    Vikings and Jets will win this weekend then the Jets will win the Big One :)
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    OSU vs UofM

    I'll Say 32 To 10 "OSU" :D
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    College Football..Go Blue beat green

    I'm thinkin that Michigan State will beat Michigan! Not by Much though! That would be Nice! :D
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    College Football

    I have NEVER Been a U of M Fan and Probably never will be,(Go Buckeyes) But I Think Your Right About that! They have to get used to the Coach and the Coach has to get used to the Players so it'll take some time, Then they will be Right Up There!:D
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    College Football

    Just about Everybody beat U of M Last year didn't they? Lol But something tells me that They aren't gonna be the whipping boys a whole lot this year! But The Buckeyes will beat them "Again" This year! as well as U.T. :D
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    Playoffs???? Lol Lol They Must Have Tickets to Watch from the Stands :D
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    Oh? Does Detroit Have a Football Team? :D