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    Speaking Freely on EO

    Viceroys?? They still make them?:D
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    Very annoying ad

    I don't know what it says, but I'm not gonna open it!
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    This Is What I See....

    My sentiments exactly! I've been reading this thread since it's birth and I wasn't going to comment, Just laugh at the "chosen few" who are trying to tell people what and how to do things on here. I don't see anything wrong with the bantering that goes on (as long as it's kept clean) and so far...
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    Has it back fired?

    Yeah, Like maybe a 2 week Cruise in the Carribean:D
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    Annoying banner

    They should advertise like the rest of them do. Doing it like this is only going to Irritate people and they won't even read the stupid thing! :mad:
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    Problems with PMs

    That happened to me the other day, I just re-typed it and re-sent it again. It worked that time.:D
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    Fleet Owners Forum/Fleet Manager Forum

    Would "Drivers" Be able to see what was Posted?