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    Two questions, its ok I have a coupon for ask 1 get 1 free

    You might want to consider taking the contract to a Lawyer who has experience in transportation contracts and let him go over it before you sign anything. A good owner wouldn't mind if you did that! In my opinion, If the owner objects to it then he's hiding something that he doesn't want you to...
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    New Here - Looking to Drive non cdl for now

    If You Click on the Classifides at the Top of this page You should be able to find something! Good Luck :D
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    2 yrs exp, 150K miles, no accidents, no lates

    You also Might want to Research the Classified in this Forum for a Fleet Owner to see if you can get on with one of them! They would/could get you on with the Company they are Leased On with.. Good Luck :D
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    Need info on getting a CDL returned?

    I'm not too sure what you Can Do, But This is what I Would do: I would Get ALL of the Information such as All Accident Reports Including Supplemental Reports as well as The Insurance Investigators Reports, Witness Reports If Any, and ALL Pictures of the Accident Scene..I would then be Prepared...
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    Attn, recruiters for ALL companies!

    I Don't know how it works in The State of the Violations, But You Might want to Contact a Lawyer In that State and Check on an Expungement, That Will Clean up Your Record! Good Luck! :D
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    driver/sprinter/with diabetes

    I am a Type 2 Diabetic and Have Been for Years, All I Have to do is Get a release From My Dr. Stating that It is Under Control and is Being Treated By Him. The D.O.T. Dr. Giving the Physical will Read it and After the Physical he Issues me The Med. Card and I'm On My Way!! :D
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    How are you running?

    Hi, I am about to get on the board as a Team driver with Tri-State and was wondering if they are Keeping Teams Busy? Thanks