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    lets all pay more taxes - 1099

    January 1 2012:mad: Seeings that our beloved Politicians voted for Obumma's mess, Then Maybe they should be Taxed for it instead of the Tax Payers who are Already way Over Taxed as it is!:mad:
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    Limited Liability Partnership

    Maybe I'll Have to Find someplace and Buy a Blank One so I will know what I'm getting Myself Into, Or if I even Want to Get Involved in One!! I want to Try and Avoid Getting the Shaft Like Greg Did That's For Sure! But Like he said, His Partner Got the Shaft From his Ex-Wife, Guess that's what...
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    Limited Liability Partnership

    I sure will Do That, But I Just wanted to Read One before I Approach My Lawyer to Kinda Know what I'm Getting Myself Into!! Thanx for the Recommendation Though!! :D
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    Limited Liability Partnership

    Does anyone have a Copy of a Limited Liability Partnership that would be willing to Send Me?? If so, Please P.M. Me Thanx :D
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    Team drivers just starting, have a tax question.

    Who is Paying for the Fuel, Tolls, Maintenance, Insurance? :D
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    New for 2009

    Did I Misinterpret The Part that says That We Have to sign This Form so That The Banks, Mortgage Companies and Insurance Companies Could Get Access to My Filings?
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    New for 2009

    Not until the Voters get Fed Up and Get together and Oust every one of the Incumbants in 2010 and then do the Same in 2012, 2014 and 2016. Then "Maybe" they will get the Picture! Every time you Turn around Government is always coming up with Something to "Control" the Life of The Tax...