Expedite Expo 2021 July 16 - 17

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  1. fatboy1

    Mack trucks

    Saw a factory Mack sleeper expediter on with Tri State in Harrisburg PA last week it was the new body style ;)
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    Has anyone bought a expediter truck from Middle Ga Freightliner. How was your experience good,bad,etc. Looking to buy a new one and like all things I hear good and bad. I have only delt with the shop here and haven't had a bad experience with it thanks
  4. fatboy1

    Expediter Truckster 3000

    Looks like my next truck
  5. fatboy1

    Do you trust your GPS?

    Yep should have double checked. First clue should have been the gravel road
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    Will do that one next.
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    Yeah like that the best lol
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    Ok what's the best way or product to use on LED headlights to keep snow and ice off so you can see. I've heard everything from rain x to vegetable oil to motorkote. I have used the latter on tail lights and it works great any suggestions or ideas would be great.
  9. fatboy1

    2013+ Freightliner Cascadia Expediter

    I have a friend who has this set up in a M2 setup and he hasn't had any issues. He don't idle it all the time and has a Apu on it. Hope this helps
  10. fatboy1

    It was smoking a little bit.

  11. fatboy1

    Loves Buys Speedco

    Sounds good. Hope some staff changes are in order. Like most they have good one and bad ones. I keep a list if the ones not to go back to. Good move for Love's
  12. fatboy1

    Vendors I'd like to see at the next Expo

    Road King shocks, Donval
  13. fatboy1

    So who's got a load into D.C. on Friday?

    Luckily our run came thru there late in the night just foggy and misty :)
  14. fatboy1

    Espar of Michigan/espar parts

    Thanks the factory engine block heater not well. Thanks
  15. fatboy1

    Espar of Michigan/espar parts

    Does any one have the engine heater from espar?
  16. fatboy1

    Cargo Van Need a good company for local work. Atlanta area

    DTH is still one way my sister n law took over my late father n laws van still the same if not worse. The owner has a lot of company vans and o/o seeing less. I would stay away from them. Just my opinion.
  17. fatboy1

    Dot tape

    Northern Tool has it in strips and a roll fairly cheap also :)
  18. fatboy1

    Big Truck Trans Flush

    It's the best thing to do. Ours has 1.2k and Allison shop has seen no issues so far and we keep a rigorous check on this puppy.
  19. fatboy1

    Big Truck Trans Flush

    We have changed filters every 75000 and dropped fluid every 150000 using syn Transynd that Allison recommends. Last shop said due to our current business model we could just change fluid and filters every 150000 miles. We only use Allison shops. Be careful some say they can service but they are...