Expedite Expo 2021 July 16 - 17

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    Places you hate to go

    jack berry where is that sign located
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    Anyone see this yet?

    34 hour restart but you need 2 -12 midnight to 6 am consecutive off periods to use so it can put you off for a couple days wich is BS. we need to educate these fools and fight that bullsheeet
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    Wind Blows in Our Favor

    drove through it from south of chicago to neenah wisconsin then back to bolt term in toledo today just missed the racine tornado. it was hell trying to stay on the road. Also missed by a few miles tornado reports near dallas TX this past weekend. Now headed home on a bus because my wife had a...
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    Well the sign of a good COMPANY

    what year. my last company had twin 2008s hit 95k and all hell broke loose. both trucks with major problems