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  • Hi there. Just wondering if you get the bid to get the bus to San Diego will you pm me with how it goes? I am new to Uship and placed a bid today to do something to AK. Thanks
    Melissa (aka Miss Kat)
    hello sir! are you still retired from this biz? I know when we first talked you were selling to a guy - does he still run and own it or did you get back into it? just wondering since you are on this site alot still.
    Hey col,wil take yeah up on the i.n.s agent.I got strts and vans if they can save me some money i would be open for a change.
    With your attitude its no wonder nobody want to be your "friend". That might be a clue!

    Well, guess I was wrong. You finally have some friends. Good for you. There is hope for you yet!
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