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  • Hey Streakn1 we just saw you at the blue beacon in whiteland,in. We are sitting here in line at speedco waiting to get an oil change done. We hollered on the cb. This is bernieh48. Bernie and ALlen Hall with Panther. D unit . See you're at the J now. Give us a holler on the cb if you get online. or shoot me a reply on here. will be here till our p/u in the morning. We are from Ocala, Fl too. lol
    Hey Streakn1..were u going down I-75 in GA today? I think I
    saw you, there was a box on the back of your trailer?
    I had a quick question regarding the aviation side of things. How bad have things been affected by current state of things in aviation in general, are they still moving frieght at a steady state or have things slowed down at all?
    Hey hows the new job working for you folks. I like that truck. Can you e-mail me a picture of that for my truck pictures?
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