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  • Always worth reading - thanks for helping elevate EO above the level of truckstop chatter.
    I'm fixing my 2006 Sprinter for Expediting and hope you can help me,do you have any photos of your Sprinter (securing cargo and sleeper)? if you do please tell me where i can view'em, Thanks in advance.
    Rlent I was told you are in a Sprinter for Bolt. I sold my Dunit last fall and I am going to buy a Sprinter and I am looking for a Co. sign on with. I was with FedX in my Dunit but I was a solo and The Fed just wasnt a good fit as a solo so I sold the truck. I have talked with Bolt several times and I also have stopped in and talked with them at the office in Toledo. I am trying to talk with as many O/O with them as possible. Are you satisfied with them and what kind of rate are you getting? If I get the 170" Sprinter I can haul 3 skids if I get the shorter version I can only haul 2 skids. Is it worth it to spend the extra money and get the longer Sprinter. Thanks Dan
    pretty okay guy for a sprinter owner:).
    saved my bacon and i DO appreciate that fact.
    very helpful and has good knowledge of the industry.
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