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  • From the Hungry in Findlay thread LOL

    Saw this at the store today
    English Lady will probably recognize it

    Spotted Dick in a Can!*|*FunnyReign.com
    Hi Englishlady. I trying to figure out this new "friend" message system. At any rate, thanks for the invite. A couple of questions:What's life on the road like for you? (as far as showers, meals, motel frequency,etc.) Next, how do you set up your laptop to work in the vehicle? I have some friends with FECC and he has a thing he plugs into the laptop(from verizon) to get reception. I believe I saw where you were with Load1 and run a sprinter with your husband or significant other. Is the qualcomm set up expensive and who pays for it? Or do you work through a cell or blackberry type device? I know, that's more than a couple of questions. Sorry.

    On a seperate note, my #2 son is in the USAF and stationed in Goldsboro, N.C. We visit whenever we get a chance. Is Benson near there? Cheers
    Hey EL!
    Mike here how long since you have been to the UK?
    I am planning on visiting a friend on Holiday come June in Leicester..
    We are going to jump in his new Citroen and hit Scotland I think...I can hardly wait
    Any advice for a yank?
    Anywho Nice to see a fresh face round here:)
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