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  • Hi, Dave. Are you looking for drivers for any of your trucks? My phone number is 269 274 0547 in case you want to call me. My name is Dave Callender. My stats at Panther are flawless btw.
    Hello I was wondering how to get approved so I could talk in these forums or am I doing something wrong,
    Kyle- Trk 31752
    hi dave,im delivering into ft worth wed at 11 am est.you think you can find us a load to ohio area for thursday delivery.Back haul told me they are to busy to look so i need to find on my own
    my cell is 330 554 5818 sprint,330 802 2266 alltel
    Hey Dave,
    I can imagine how busy you are being a wealth of information, BUT, :O), I am a solo driver with Panther and I am adding 2 more trucks and I guess I am becoming a fleet owner. I would really love it if you could give me 15 minutes or so to discuss my negotiations with Panther regarding our contract. If that is possible, please email me with your number or we can communicate however you wish. Thanks!!

    [email protected]
    Hello Dave,

    Noticed that you are a fleet owner, with Panther. Don't want to take too much of your time.

    H/W team looking into joining with a fleet owner, so we can find out if expediting is the way to go.

    We are smart enough to know that we don't know enough of what questions to ask. Can you send me links, information as to what questions are the ones that should be asked of fleet owners.

    Hi Dave,wondering if ya know of any brokers with some F.L freight.Any name and numbers would be welcome,thanks Bill
    Hi Dave! I think you are one of the best from this forum.I have a short question.I have a Streight truck leased at TriState.(solo).The truck is good the driver also.We take almost everithing .Before sept 1 we did around 6000 miles per month(solo driver).Now if I get 4000 miles is good:(. I thinking to put the truck at Panther.My question is ,can I make with a solo driver at least 5000 miles per month? Should I move it or I just waiste my time and money moving the truck.Thank you very much for your time.
    Hi Dave I actually did a truck upgrade because I had a truck that had too many problems. Panther is charging me all these fees and I think they are on fair. I have let them know in a few different departments. Has this ever happened to you and what did you think about the fairness of these charges?

    $250 dollar QC charge. I had the dealership remove it and send it back.
    $250 dollar driver sign on fee. I did not leave Panther I just upgraded my truck.

    They tried to charge me $300 for decal expense when the truck I traded came with Panther logo's on it and the one I got had Panther logo's on it. I got that refunded so far.

    I also got a orientation refunded because a recruiter missed 25K of preventable accidents on his report. It still cost me $200 dollars in outside expenses. Plus another week of truck down time which is worth thousands. They failed to take it out of the deductions after they said they would.

    $2200 is being returned tomarrow the dealer did not send back the black box for the QC. Panther never let me know before they took the deduction. I could have had it taken care of.

    $2850 dollars of extra expenses. $500 in hidden fees.
    Hey Dave been busy pulling the Fed signs off of the trucks one more to go. Call me sometime.
    dave thanks for the numbers the other day.fed wouldnt let me broker,said policy was to be out two weeks ,so they relocated me to chicago.i then got loaded to mechanicsburg pa and now ome.haveing cateract removed so will be off work for month of september
    thanks again
    Can you tell me of any company that will hire a team that has no OTR experience and no Hazmat endorsement? My brother and his wife want to get started in this business as drivers for a contractor in a cargo van. Any info is appreciated. Thanks Jan
    Hi Dave Bernie again. I pm'ed Dreamer on the Pather posting thing and still haven't heard back and still can't post in there. Thanks
    Hello Dave can you tell me why I can post in the general section but not in the
    Panther section? I wanted to make a post about the upcoming July 2nd get together and see who all is going and it's telling me I'm not auth to post there. Thanks Bernie
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