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New Status Updates

  1. brokcanadian
    In a state of perpetual confusion
  2. King
    2007 Chevrolet Express 1500 cargo van
  3. Solar
    Solar Turtle
    Is it possible to get my name changed. Just a little too easy to figure out who I am. Maybe Expedite8116 if available please.
    1. brokcanadian
      I have no clue who you are....
      Feb 19, 2019 at 6:00 PM
      RoadTime likes this.
  4. Cook County Cargo®
    Cook County Cargo®
    OWNER OPERATORS NEEDED: 53' Dry Vans, 53' Reefers, 48' & 53' Flatbeds, 15' & 20' Box Truck, Hot-Shot.
  5. Cook County Cargo®
    Cook County Cargo®
    The Official Cook County Cargo®
  6. D1964
    D1964 rusras83
    Can we contact you to talk? Maybe tomorrow?
    1. rusras83
      Of course 847-704-2893 im Russ
      Feb 12, 2019
  7. D1964
    D1964 rusras83
    Are you considering to hire husband /wife team drivers?
    1. rusras83
      I would not mind a husband/ wife team
      Feb 12, 2019
  8. 81racer
    81racer greasytshirt
    Hello I really need some help on a hino. How can I get up with you sir?
  9. zackcts
    zackcts Hino123
    hey mate have a fg hino truck 2008 rear main seal is gone seen that bellshousing is connected to head is their way to get seal out and out in properly cheers
  10. Hummer53
    Hummer53 guido4475
    Happy Birthday !
  11. Jrusty
    iam new to the trucking business. i live in canada and do not have my AZ/DZ license yet but do drive a 16 ft box truck.
  12. Mr&Mrs Gomez
    Mr&Mrs Gomez
    Husband and wife OTR team. Looking forward to starting a career with expediting. On the search for a good fleet owner.
  13. sendit safely
    sendit safely
    new owner op looking for any info in starting my own biz. i worked for a fleet owner for close to a year . ready to take next step.
  14. Irshad adam
    Irshad adam
    I want to purchase a cargo van or sprinter, where would I be able to find work that involves pallets? Do I need any special licensing?
  15. ZCatcher
    Found a local community college with a Class B program. I start Monday. Baby steps, maybe, but steps nevertheless.
  16. Jreilly66
    Owner Operator of a TT looking to start my own fleet and create a family company we can pass on to the kids
  17. DestinationStrange
    "Indio" means man of God. [Male and female made He them]
  18. Expodriver
    ADAM BLACK Lawrence
    Hello. Any suggestions on top loadboards for cargo vans in California?
  20. Ed Hark
    Ed Hark
    Broker Forwarder needing amazing Expedited trucks to haul our loads