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New Status Updates

  1. Mike Justice
    Mike Justice layoutshooter
    Can anyone tell me of any freight brokers or companies that can keep sprinter & straight trucks loaded? For someone with own operating mc authority!
    1. Treadmill
      BTW, did you know that Layoutshooer hasn’t been on this site since 2015?
      Jul 11, 2018
  2. Nero55
    2013 Hino starter relay location
  3. przewinski
    przewinski artie
    Hey how are you,,,?? Still considering getting out of retirement doin pretty well over here
  4. DelivRyMan
    Back from my 2nd California-to-Midwest roundtrip!
  5. dennis elliott
    dennis elliott
    need help with my 2003 dodge Mercedes sprinter 2500 van please!! multiple problems with it from brakes to shutting off while driving!!!
    1. dennis elliott
      dennis elliott
      I have replaced most of the brakes components other than rear calipers and all rotors but still has a spongy brake pedal and seems to feel like its calipers are sticking a little in back passenger side but checked caliper seems fine for the most part don't see why im still getting air in the lines?
      Jun 27, 2018
    2. Treadmill
      There is a really good Sprinter mechanic at the Daytona Mercedes Benz dealership that knows his stuff. I’d take it there if were mine.
      Jun 27, 2018
  6. Lawrence
    It's almost Expo '18!!!
  7. Standp73
    Standp73 greasytshirt
    New here, i have a question about a 2002 Hino . not sure where or how to post it.
    2002 4cyl dies when you push the throttle randomly and not always in the same spot, no check engine and no visual damage that i can tell.
  8. Standp73
    here to learn and help
  9. Patrick Hudson
  10. JerzyVan79
  11. James D
    James D DBenton
    Hi, did y'all end up staying with FedEx?
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    2. Treadmill
      I think they are with V3.
      Jun 16, 2018
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    3. DBenton
      We are with a owner operator that leases with Fed Ex CC. How are you?
      Jun 16, 2018
  12. jcochristoph
    jcochristoph Chris@Doms
    Hey, just noticed on my profile page, which I never check, that you are following me... how are you doing?
  13. DelivRyMan
    Gearing up for full-time Drive-Away work! :)
  14. Transit
    Not there yet!
  15. jcochristoph
    jcochristoph SGAVan1
    Wondering how it went or is going at Hana?
    Hope all's well
  16. DBenton
    Life without an address! Pretty much sums it up!
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  17. Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz
    Can you help me with a2009 isuzu FVR ??? Any comments for this truck ???
  18. lego69
    lego69 Perioodic
    Perioodic I had seen a post when someone was asking about millhouse logistics Inc. Can you tell me everything about the company the good and bad
  19. Niolani West
    Niolani West
    Sprinter/Cargo van OTR solo/ team driver Seeking a company that pays 100% fuel and allow rider to ride with...
  20. Niolani West
    Niolani West
    OTR Driver available for team/solo seeking company that pays 100%fuel