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New Status Updates

  1. jcochristoph
    jcochristoph SGAVan1
    Wondering how it went or is going at Hana?
    Hope all's well
  2. DBenton
    Life without an address! Pretty much sums it up!
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  3. Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz
    Can you help me with a2009 isuzu FVR ??? Any comments for this truck ???
  4. lego69
    lego69 Perioodic
    Perioodic I had seen a post when someone was asking about millhouse logistics Inc. Can you tell me everything about the company the good and bad
  5. Niolani West
    Niolani West
    Sprinter/Cargo van OTR solo/ team driver Seeking a company that pays 100% fuel and allow rider to ride with...
  6. Niolani West
    Niolani West
    OTR Driver available for team/solo seeking company that pays 100%fuel
  7. Kountry
    Loving life
  8. Aaron
    Aaron Dynamite 1
    I'm at prime finishing up my year otr just wanted info on this side of trucking how much do company driver make a mile
  9. workaholic48
    Question about Ryder Sprinters...Has anyone had experience with these vans? Thanks!!
  10. Promaster2016
  11. Airtime
    Ex pro motocross racer, monster truck show motorcycle stunt jumper now into cross boarder cargo van expedites as a owner operator.
  12. Turtle
    Most cutting thing you can say is "Who is this clown?" 'cuz it implies they are A) a clown, and B) not even one of the better-known clowns.
    Available 2017 Ford Transit 250 long
  14. Turtle
    NyQuil - the daytime drive your truck into a ditch cold medicine.
  15. Maracachimba
    Alert on road....
  16. Run hard
    Run hard
    Can you make money as a solo expeditor
    1. Treadmill
      One can make money. It depends what your circumstances are. If you are running with a st8 truck then yes you can make money. One can make more money in a st8 truck than a cargo van.
      Feb 3, 2018
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  17. Jennifer L Allen
    Jennifer L Allen
    Hi!!! Headed to orientation for Bolt Express Monday... Anyone drive for them
  18. jbrodgers
    jbrodgers Dreamer
    Hi there.
    I am potentially coming to Landstar, and would very much like to pick the brains of some of your seasoned expedite drivers.
    I am an experienced otr driver, but new to expedite, and dealing with recruiters is unnerving.
    Therefore, I would like permission to join your Landstar forum.

    Thank you
  19. jbrodgers
    jbrodgers Dynamite 1
    Hello Dynamite.
    I would like permission to join the Landstar forum board.
  20. Terry Bratt
    Terry Bratt
    Taking questions for another 15 mins. Then U.S.Motor Carriers Q & A session will close for this evening.