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  1. RockyPoint
    I am interested in getting into expediting, with a ford transit lwb, highroof, and would like to know if there are any dispatch services
  2. Fb1817lover
    Fb1817lover greasytshirt
    Hi I hv an 04 fb1817 n trbl bgn after I chngd the break n blinker rear lights to leds. Abs popup right away with a little dot lit up perm on the brk lights when engine was on. Pwr back feed on the brk lgt cct? Trk ran but lost pwr n wud almost stall. Sum white smk after pwrloss. Ran well b4 that with 481k Allison said it's an eng issue. Hino chged fuel tank breather n filters. Same prob. thnku
  3. sman79
    sman79 greasytshirt
    Hi, I'm working on a 2016 Hino 268 and I have received a code I've never seen before, it's p016f abnormality in common rail pressure control. Have you seen this code before? Was it an issue in the limiter in the front of the rail or the pressure regulator on the backside of the rail?
  4. James Douglas
    James Douglas
    I'm a 35 year old non-smoker no pets great driving history just need to find a good Fleet owner who will give me a chance to show my work
    1. Treadmill
      Try posting this in the driver available section of the classifieds. Many more people will see it there than here. Not too many people come this far down the page.
      Aug 16, 2017 at 3:00 PM
  5. Turtle
    When a guy says he's fine, what he really means is, he's fine.
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  6. Joe Parker
    Joe Parker Hino123
    I recently purchased an undrivable 2009 Hino 268, with 300k miles on it from an auction. I discovered that it needed a turbo charger and a DPF. The used parts for this truck are rather expensive and hard to find. At what point should I have engine compression tested, before or after replacing the turbo and DPF? Or do I sell it for parts?
  7. hedgehog
  8. Richelle
    Richelle greasytshirt
    Hi I have a question , I have a 2013 hino 358 that is using too much gas .

    It is using 200km per tank. I called the dealership and for my truck , i should get 400km per tank .

    What could be the issue ? Thank you
    1. greasytshirt
      Please ask this question in the Hino forum within the truck talk forum. There are a few people in there that can help.
      Aug 1, 2017
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  9. chillout
    is it Friday yet? Oh yes, yes it is!! :D
  10. Shemp
    Class A cdl holder, taking a serious look at cargo van expediting.
    1. Treadmill
      Stay with the semi. I'm serious.
      Jul 26, 2017
  11. Aaron Glover93
    Aaron Glover93
    I’m out of the Columbia, SC area
  12. Aaron Glover93
    Aaron Glover93
    I just got approved through FedEx custom critical, and looking for a fleet owner to possibly drive under.
  13. lauer1983
    I have my class b with air brakes looking for a good company
    1. Treadmill
      Might want to place a personal classified ad in the driver available. No cost to you and will probably will be seen by many more posting this far down the page.
      Jul 23, 2017
  14. SpeedExpo8
    New Office :)
  15. Force-Nale
    Learning something new everyday
  16. Lawrence
    One week till the Expo!
  17. greasytshirt
    Writing my Dad's obituary.
    1. Lawrence
      Very sorry to hear this. Please accept our thoughts and condolences.
      Jun 29, 2017
    2. Treadmill
      Sorry to hear of your dads passing.
      Jun 30, 2017
  18. crich
    ==Looking for new adventure with flabed hotshot==
  19. crich
    Know the cost before you pay pay the price.
  20. coastline
    coastline Trailblazer
    Thanks for the post and the idea of pharmaceutical deliveries. I would love to get into that market. If you have any leads you could provide me with, that would be appreciated. The other ideas are good but the rural area where I live isn't practical for baggage deliveries and parcel services.