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New Status Updates

  1. TeamXevious
    In the research phase and trying to look at all the posts within the last few years as I've read in several comments toward new members
  2. Majid
  3. Richie
  4. starvinmarvin
    Looking for a company that wants to hire a 21yr old solo straight truck driver. Class A
  5. OldAirFreightDog
    OldAirFreightDog uriykir
    Is your truck now on sale at Ellenbaum?
  6. dhoston
    Need a small bus to take my road test in
  7. midnightexspress
    Professional exspeditor
  8. 1expeditor
    Post Office Driver AKA 1expeditor
  9. BHXpress
  10. bikerpaul
    bikerpaul JohnMueller
    I wasn't sure if you still worked at PTL Call me, I would like to connect with you again. 419-704-3301
  11. Aligio A Francesco
    Aligio A Francesco greasytshirt
    Hey buddy I have a 2013 Hino that keeps bogging down it's sometimes won't go past 20 miles an hour and then it will start moving like normal it keeps doing it intermittently we had it serviced. It's got 251,000 miles
    1. Treadmill
      Try posting this in the Truck forum. It might get read faster.
      Jan 17, 2017
      greasytshirt likes this.
    2. greasytshirt
      It's the brake light switch, most likely. Adjust it until the plunger is completely pressed in with the pedal released. Don't break the lock.
      Jan 17, 2017
  12. hossfly2
    Winter break
  13. mikemc
    mikemc geo
    Hi Geo

    I was reading your post on the person looking to get a sprinter van and jump in. you mentioned about driving for awhile first,along with it being important to the area you are in.

    I would like to talk with you a few minutes on that myself and see if you would extend that offer to chat to me.
    Thanks Geo
    Mike McClain
  14. new2allthis
  15. new2allthis
  16. iono12345
    On winter break
  17. stinson
    Hey everyone with a open eye, looking for some ltl loads for a transit connect minivan. the weight load is not much but anything helps,thx
  18. Ccarter33
    Hello everyone hope all is well. I am interested into getting into the sprinter van/cargo business but need information anyone can help ?!
  19. Hansen Josif
    Hansen Josif
    Looking to drive st solo or team need to be home on week end drove befor for panther leve in Lackawanna ny
  20. bassspoted
    bassspoted ExFedEx
    Hi I was reading a post you had posted regarding air freight. Are you still doing it and if so can you give me any leads? I live in San diego.