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Posting a classified is FREE

There's no charge to register, post, browse, make offers, reply to ads or buy items on Classifieds. However, members may pay fees for extra features. When you post a classified ad on Classifieds, you will have an opportunity to upgrade your classified ad, review and accept fees for our classified extras before you are billed. All fees are quoted in U.S. Dollars and are for 30 days of the upgraded feature(s). You are responsible for paying all applicable fees associated with using our extra service. If you choose to run your ad for more than 30 days, your credit card will automatically be billed every 30 days for the duration of your ad.

Optional Extras Pricing

Attention Getters: $4.95
Better Placement Fee: $19.95
Bolding Fee: $4.95
Featured Ad Fee: $29.95

Purchasing Extras allow you to purchase additional indicators to your listing to attract more attention from potential buyers while they are browsing the site.

Attention Getters - feature allows sellers to draw special attention to their ads by selecting one of our attention getter images.

Better Placement - feature gives your listing priority (higher placement within table) over other listings within that same category.

Bolding - feature bolds the text in your listing and changes the background color for additional attention.

Featured Ad - status gives your listing some additional exposure at the top of all browser listing pages.

Who is eligible for a Free Classified Ad?
Leased Fleet Owners, Private Individual Truck Sales, Private Individuals and Current EO Sponsors - Our classifieds are intended to help private individuals to sell their trucks or hire a driver or team for a truck that is leased to a national carrier and is not for commercial use. Commercial ads may be purchased for a fee of $199 per month.

We accept PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover credit cards. Charges will appear on your credit card statement as, Florence, KY.

Refund Policy
Sorry, we do not offer refunds. You may request removal of your ad prior to its expiration date, but no refund will be made.

Powered by Geodesic Solutions, LLC
Powered by Geodesic Solutions, LLC