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I have had enough of getting burned by all these bulshit carriers. Right now I'm at a crossroad debating whether or not I ever want to go back on the road or if I want to just stay home. For myself, if I go back out I want to be owner op or in some fucking classy equipment. I work too damn hard and too damn long to be driving junk. My ultimate goal, I want a W900 with the studio. Looking for someone who can either do owner financing or put me in a truck as a driver I'm open to either but I'm really only looking for a hood. Passenger and pets need to be welcomed. I'm not big-headed in fact quite the opposite. But I'm good at what I do and I do it for the right reasons. Give me a call to learn what my reasons are. I have a strong mechanical aptitude I haven't met a truck I can't run and I have no accidents or as much as a scratch in over 3 years of Class A verifiable experience. I believe the equipment a driver operates is a direct representation of that driver's ability. I'm better than driving junk. I will not tolerate nor stand two-faced bullshit games. I run hard but i run legal. I also carry a wide assortment of my own tools and can handle many situations without the need of a tow or a tremendous amount of downtime. Lastly, I'm not a picky driver by location. One mile Pays as good as the next I'll go anywhere I don't think it's fair of a driver to bitch about where he's going. Be happy you got a job and there are aspects to every job we aren't going to like put on your big girl panties and deal with it. If you want to learn more give me a call. 612-310-7654 but for God's sake leave a message I will not chase phone calls. Oh. I'm on the road because I want to be. Not because I need to be. ALL my bills are covered. I risk losing more going back in a truck but I can't and refuse to be a ward of the county. I carry my own weight and don't want handouts. Give me the shot, I'll prove my worth.


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