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THE UMBRELLA, INC. is an incorporation of multiple small fleets leased on to Carrier FedEx Custom Critical and FedEx Logistics. We the Umbrella, Inc. have several commercial driving opportunities available for qualified commercial drivers.

THE APPLICATION PROCESS . . . . There is an application process at FedEx Custom Critical and FedEx Logistics. The Estimated Time to Process Applications Take 30-45 Days. If applicants are current FedEx Custom Critical Commercial Drivers and are changing fleets, the application process may take less time. In addition, each individual applicant must have a clean commercial driving background check.

FEDEX CUSTOM CRITICAL PRE- REQUISITES: It is important to know all commercial driving applicants must be able to qualify for FedEx Custom Critical, and or both, FedEx Logistics. FedEx Companies Have Safety and Compliance Guidelines Govern by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

OUR PRIVATE FLEETS: All Private and Incorporated Fleets have a preference for nonsmokers, husband wife or same household and experienced OTR teams. We are searching for goal oriented teams who may have plans to earn money to become owner operators in 9-12 months. Literally, we are open to building a win-win partnership with our teams.

PROSPECTIVE APPLICANT COMMERCIAL DRIVING OPPORTUNITY . . . . If an applicant have the basic pre-requisites, please contact Jacqueline "GiGi" Gray at Umbrella, Inc. ( Ground Express LLC °GEXLLC° FaithWorkz, LLC). After the applicant phone interview with Ms. Gray or Mr. Lindor, the prospect will receive the appropriate contract sourcing specialist link to start the application process.

Email: [email protected] Telephone: 205-200-4922

Please Note, there is a no pet policy implemented by our carriers FedEx and our shipping customers. Therefore, the Umbrella, Inc. and all incorporated fleet operators have adopted a no pet policy.


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