Solid OTR Class A Hazmat Solo/Team New Custom Built Murphy Lounge Tractor Trailer Truck Weekly Pay / No Touch Freight / No Micromanaging

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LandStar Express America White Glove / TVAL / DOD

*Preliminary Application:

About EXAM:

Our goal is simple - to create a true white-glove career for today's professional commercial truck drivers to be proud of - in a space that has long been categorized as a blue-collar replaceable workspace. EXAM Expediters spend 4-Weeks OTR & 4-Days OFF.

White-Glove HazMat teams engage in transporting time-critical and security-sensitive LTL quantities of HazMat raw materials works in process and finished goods over land. EXAM Expedite is responsible for the heavy-freight movement of some of the most unique high-value loads required on a time-critical basis by the most demanding institutional, public and private clients across the pharmaceutical, homeland-defense, and chemical industries.

Through the utilization of current high-tech communication devices, paperless work-flow processes, wireless reporting, satellite tracking, self-reporting equipment, and automated preventative maintenance across our fleet - EXAM Expedite is effectively creating disruptive change and supply-chain efficiency in an industry that has served as the life-blood of the American economy since the 1930s.

How To Join EXAM:
Text or Call Christina: 1-909-490-EXAM
Apply Now:


Ad number: 29864
Title Solid OTR Class A Hazmat Solo/Team New Custom Built Murphy Lounge Tractor Trailer Truck Weekly Pay / No Touch Freight / No Micromanaging
Category Driving Jobs & Opportunities
Subcategory Driver Wanted


Username: examtransport
Member since: Feb 11, 2022
Location: Kingston, Tennessee 37763
Phone: 9094903926
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