2007 Custom Freightliner for sale - 23 foot bed, Cat engine NO EMISSIONS from factory, 6 speed Allison, TSLBH 3 airbag soft hitch, class 8 receiver, electric brake.

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Hello all - long time lurker - I have a 2007 Freightliner day cab with a flatbed. No egr or emission controls. Factory spec'd with 12,000lbs front end, and a 21,000 rear axle, rear air suspension, and the miles approximately 230k. It is powered by a Cat C7 extra heavy duty block, and the serial number of the engine showed that it was one of the last zero emission EXHD blocks that left the factory in December of that year. Allison 3000 HS with a 6 speed for better fuel consumption. New ISRI 5030/880 seat -for those that don't know it's a 20 way adjustable air ride seat with back massage. I removed the flat bed to add a heavy frame plate to mount an air hitch, also to sand blast and repair all the rust. Brand new sleeper from AAA in Dallas - Air ride cab conversion done at the time of the sleeper install. Cut the bed and clipped the corners, boxed in the hitch so that it was recessed and lower than the deck when not in use (now it can be used as a flatbed when not hauling a trailer) or a cargo box can be placed on the bed for covered or refer loads (Bumper hitch can still be used to tow an additional trailer when bed in use) We replaced the majority of the steel floor with heavy plate, replaced the rub rails where needed, straightened out the major dents and then sandblasted entire bed (both top and bottom) - Bed is 23 foot of deck and 17'8" from the head board to the center of the hitch pin - 5' 4" from the center of the hitch pin to the rear of the deck - all corners cut - Sherwin Williams industrial epoxy primed with several coats of white, then top painted with several coats of Sherwin Williams industrial epoxy - anti-slip added to the top coat the color is sort of a nice cordovan so that the white primer shows up easily when a rub or scratch happens (easier to maintain) then replaced the bed lights with led's - next was to rewire the entire bed - replaced all sliding side winches with new, then added new extra-long winch belts, added a locking side tool box and extra large mud flaps to protect the trailer, last was to add an electric brake controller. Sleeper is wired with heavy cables for an inverter, muffler replaced, along with a long laundry list of repairs (see attached) Engine harness, etc. All engine work was done at Cat. The entire vehicle had every fluid and filter changed and replaced with oem filters and synthetic fluids. I am attaching all the invoices, pictures, and service records, I have many incidental receipts that will be included in the service envelope Please leave questions or pm if you have any, and thank you for the time to review my ad. All reasonable offers will be considered. $35,500 - OBO

I have received numerous phone calls but no messages were left - Please leave a message as my phone does not always ring due to poor reception.

If you need anymore pics or have any questions please feel free to ask


Ad number: 28897
Title 2007 Custom Freightliner for sale - 23 foot bed, Cat engine NO EMISSIONS from factory, 6 speed Allison, TSLBH 3 airbag soft hitch, class 8 receiver, electric brake.
Category Trucks For Sale
Subcategory Straight Trucks
Year: 2007
Make: Freightliner
Model: M2
Mileage: 230,000 miles
Price: $35,500.00


Username: Diversified
Member since: Apr 26, 2021
Location: Covington, Louisiana 70433
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