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Our Life on the Road

  • Qualifications To Maximize Your Earning Potential
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Jan 22nd 2016 4:21PM
    One of the ways we have become successful in Expediting is by getting as many qualifications possible to maximize our chances of getting loads. In this video we discuss those qualifications and how they can help you to be successful too.
  • Weigh Stations & DOT Inspections
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Jan 15th 2016 3:30PM
    What to expect when you have to pull into a weigh station or have been pulled in/over for a DOT inspection.
  • Eggs Baked in an Avocado
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Jan 11th 2016 10:50AM
    In this video I show you how to make an easy, healthy breakfast or anytime of the day meal in the truck. The great thing about this recipe is you can adapt it to be made in a number of different cooking methods including a toaster oven, Ninja or even a lunch box.
  • How We Track Our Numbers with Profit Gauges, Tax Write Offs & How I Organize Paperwork
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Jan 1st 2016 3:41PM
    One of the most important ways to be successful in Expediting (or any business) is to track & know your numbers. We have tried several different ways to do this over the past 3 years & have finally found Profit Gauges. An accounting program that is easy to use, is trucking specific & tells us everything we need to know to be profitable.
  • What & How We Cook In The Truck
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Dec 30th 2015 3:45PM
    We all know eating out can be expensive & one of the easiest ways to save money living in a truck is to cook your own meals. I love finding easy recipes with minimal ingredients that can be made on the truck & I want to share with you some of the things we make.
  • Helpful Tips & Info – Pay, Accepting Loads, Finding an Owner/Carrier & More
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Dec 28th 2015 10:57AM
    Some helpful tips & info if your new to expediting or looking into expediting.
  • Challenges & Things to Know About Living in a Truck
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Dec 21st 2015 10:28AM
    I talk about a few of the challenges Jason & I had when we first got into the truck & some of the things I wish I would have known about when we were looking into a career in expediting.
  • Meet Us & How We Got Started in Expediting
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Dec 14th 2015 12:10PM
    We wanted to take some time to tell you all a little about ourselves & how we got into expediting.
  • Understanding IFTA Fuel Tax
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Dec 7th 2015 11:07AM
    Jason takes some time to explain how to understand IFTA fuel tax and how it relates to purchasing fuel.
  • Our Life On The Road – 11/15/15 - 11/21/15
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Nov 30th 2015 3:00PM
    My hubby & I team drive an expediter truck and love traveling the country along with our two chihuahuas. We live in our truck for 2 to 3 months at a time hauling freight and enjoying all the sights we get to see.