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Our Life on the Road

    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Nov 4th 2016 12:09PM
    Some winter driving tips plus suggested items to keep on your vehicle during the winter season.
  • Finding Your Confidence To Drive In Expediting
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Oct 28th 2016 9:33AM
    It can be intimidating driving a truck and living on the road for those who have never experienced it before. I share how I gained my confidence to get my CDL and drive a straight truck in expediting.
  • TRIP PLANNING | Routing And Fuel Stops
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Oct 21st 2016 10:08AM
    How we plan our routing and fuel stops for the loads we run.
  • Expediting .. An Open Discussion
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Oct 7th 2016 9:36AM
    An open discussion about expediting with fellow husband and wife expediter teams. Special thanks to Kat, Marshall, Carolyn and Andy for being a part of this video and sharing their experiences.
  • Solo Driving In Expediting | Can you drive solo in expediting and be successful?
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Sep 30th 2016 9:31AM
    We are frequently asked if you can be successful as a solo driver in expediting. In this video we talk about what we've learned from talking to solo expedite drivers.
  • Carrier Comfort Pro APU Alternator Belt Change | APU Maintenance
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Sep 23rd 2016 6:35AM
    How to change the alternator belt on a Carrier Comfort Pro APU.

    Video on how to change the other belt mentioned:
  • Let's Talk Taxes
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Sep 16th 2016 6:21AM
    A few tax tips and info we've learned while being out on the road.
  • How To Change A Cab Air Filter In A Freightliner M2 112
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Sep 9th 2016 6:15AM
    How to change the cab air filter in a Freightliner M2 112.
  • How We Are Paid By Our Carrier And Owner
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Sep 2nd 2016 6:21AM
    A simple explanation of how we are paid on loads by the carrier we are leased on with as well as from the owner we drive for.
  • Driver Reward, Bonus & Incentive Programs
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Aug 26th 2016 7:39AM
    Some of the reward, bonus and incentives that may be offered by carriers, fleet owners and companies.