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Our Life on the Road

  • Who's The Best Expedite Carrier?
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted May 26th 2017 12:38PM
    Our views on another question we get asked a lot ... Who is the best carrier to apply with?

    List of Expedite Carriers:
    All State Express: 888-691-8304
    Bolt Express: 888-281-6865
    Diamond Delivery Service: 888-520-7928
    FedEx Custom Critical: 800-398-0466
    Landstar: 800-622-0658
    Load One: 888-824-4954
    Panther Premium: 866-344-5898
    Roadrunner Expedite: 888-565-6586
    Tri-State Expedited Services: 888-245-4325
    Try Hours: 888-284-4179
    V3 Transportation: 888-216-9671
    *All carrier info was found in ExpediteNow Magazine & is NOT all inclusive.
  • Our YouTube History
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted May 19th 2017 1:13PM
    How our channel came to be and why we make our videos.
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted May 12th 2017 10:47AM
    Dealing with conflict when driving as a team.
  • WIFI Extender And Satellite Dish Sleeper Roof Mounting
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted May 5th 2017 10:27AM
    How we mounted our wifi extender and satellite dish on the roof of the sleeper.
  • Expediting PERCEPTION vs REALITY
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Apr 28th 2017 1:47PM
    Some perceptions verses realities of expediting.
  • Adding A Personal Touch To The Sleeper | Smart Tiles Backsplash
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Apr 21st 2017 10:33AM
    An easy and inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your sleeper.
  • 40/60 or 60/40 Pay Split
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Apr 14th 2017 10:19AM
    Which is better for you .. 40/60 or 60/40 pay split when driving for an owner.
  • Expediting Service Failure
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Apr 7th 2017 2:33PM
    What circumstances constitute a service failure.
  • Installing a MAXXFAN Deluxe
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Mar 31st 2017 9:18AM
    How to replace the vent fan in a sleeper.
  • Spaghetti Squash | Cooking In a Truck
    By The Crafty trucker
    Posted Mar 24th 2017 11:02AM
    How we make Spaghetti Squash in the truck.