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Our Life on the Road

  • Your Safety Comes First
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Dec 10th 2017 11:46AM
    As drivers we all have to deal with driving in inclement conditions. There are times when we feel it's unsafe to drive and need to shut down. You should never be pressured by your carrier, dispatch or owner to continue if you don't feel it's safe.
  • COOKING IN A TRUCK | Avocado Salmon With Green Beans
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Nov 25th 2017 4:40PM
    Join us for dinner ... Jason shows you a tasty way to cook salmon with a simple side of green beans.
  • OUR LANDSTAR JOURNEY | 4 Month Update
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Nov 18th 2017 10:15AM
    A 4 month update since our move over to Landstar.
  • So You Want To Be An Owner Operator
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Nov 11th 2017 11:04AM
    Some things to think about before taking the plunge into becoming an owner operator.
  • COOKING IN A TRUCK | Cheesy Chicken Cauliflower Casserole
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Nov 4th 2017 9:12PM
    Another easy & tasty recipe made in the Instant Pot.

    Recipe Used:
  • Deadheading .. The Necessary Evil
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Oct 28th 2017 12:15PM
    Deadheading is something that is necessary in expediting and we'll explain why.
  • Time For A Tag Axle??
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Oct 22nd 2017 9:47AM
    We get asked a lot why we didn't get a tag axle and if we will add one in the future. Here's the answer to those questions.
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Oct 8th 2017 3:39PM
    An easy and tasty Stuffed Pepper recipe you can make in the Instant Pot.
    Instant Pot we use:
    Rice Recipe Used:
    Stuffed Pepper Recipe Used:
  • Weekend Off Exploring Salt Lake City Utah
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Sep 29th 2017 2:33PM
    Exploring downtown Salt Lake City which included an awesome dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Walking around Temple Square & seeing the beautiful architecture & gardens at the Salt Lake Temple. Then ending the night checking out the cool exhibits at Clark Planetarium & watching a cool laser light show.
  • DOT Searched The Truck Explained
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Sep 23rd 2017 9:47PM
    What happened when DOT searched the truck.