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Our Life on the Road

  • How We Spend Our Down Time
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Apr 1st 2016 4:16PM
    In expediting there is always down time. This is some of the things we do & have done when we have time between loads.
  • Fueling A Diesel Truck
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Mar 24th 2016 2:22PM
    Fueling a diesel truck is a bit different than fueling your personal car or truck. In this video we'll explain the process and give you some tips on fueling a diesel vehicle.
  • Thermo King Reefer Unit
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Mar 21st 2016 10:26AM
    A quick overview of how a Thermo King Reefer Unit works. A BIG thank you to our friends Katherine & Marshall Cook for helping us to put this video together for you all!
  • Basic Things To Get You Started
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Mar 11th 2016 2:54PM
    A few basic things to consider having on your vehicle to get you started out on the road.
  • Mobile Hotspot & Where To Find WiFi On The Road
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Mar 4th 2016 4:36PM
    Where you can find WiFi out on the road & a cool little device we use called a mobile hotspot.
  • Qualcomm & E-Logs
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Feb 26th 2016 3:25PM
    A basic tour of how the Qualcomm & E-logs work.
  • Loading & Securing Freight
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Feb 19th 2016 4:51PM
    Loading & securing your freight properly is very important. In this video we will show you how we load & secure freight. Which includes how to use straps & load bars also how the doors & jack stands work on a straight truck.
  • What To Expect At Shippers & Receivers
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Feb 12th 2016 11:12AM
    Tips on what to look for and expect when going to shippers & receivers.
  • Where You Can Fill Your Fresh Water Tank & Dump A Port O Potty
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Feb 5th 2016 3:50PM
    We are going to show you where & how you can fill the fresh water tank for your sink & dump a port o potty. We will also show you the portable toilet we have in our truck.
  • How Long Should You Stay Out On The Road?
    By The Crafty Trucker
    Posted Jan 29th 2016 4:40PM
    There are several factors that will affect how long you should or can stay out on the road, away from home. I talk about some of those factors & what works for us.