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Risky Business

  • Smith Moore Leatherwood Trailer Blog
    The Power Only Problem or How Lending Your Trailers Can Be Lending Your Insurance
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Oct 10th 2016 12:24PM
    We just returned from our annual TRS MCIEF Conference in Orlando where Transportation Risk Specialists come together for continuing education through the Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation.
  • MCS90/91X - Protection Might Not Be What Some People Think
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Sep 14th 2016 10:12AM
    Today I thought I'd share some information from Guest Blogger Tommy Ruke, "The King Pin Leading Expert in Truck Insurance". Tommy is essentially the father of truck insurance.
  • Why Cargo Vans and Sprinters carry $1 Million Liability
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Aug 5th 2016 9:14AM
    Here's an Addendum to the current EO Thread "Insurance Coverage and the 'Multi' Carrier Model" or "Why DO Cargo Vans and Sprinters need $1 Million in Liability?" Arguments are certainly made that since FMCSA only requires $300,000 Liability for under 10K GVW units hauling across state lines, why carry more?

    Short answer:
  • Casino Night
    Expedite Expo & Casino Night Prizes
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Jun 13th 2016 12:09PM
    It's that time of year again...let's get ready for CIS Casino Night at the Expo!
  • ACV Cargo Alert
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted May 6th 2016 4:03PM
    Adding to John Mueller's excellent Blog below left, "All About Cargo", I wanted everyone to be aware that there is a Cargo policy starting to float around our Expediting Community that is ACV vs Legal or Broad Form in how it pays out claims. Why is that important to you?
  • General Liability vs Auto Liability
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Apr 7th 2016 12:25PM
    Given the number of policies with $1 Million General Liability and State Minimum Auto Liability currently popping up, it's a good time to talk about the vast difference between the two types of insurance whether you're an Owner Op, Motor Carrier or Broker.
  • What about Cargo?
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Mar 11th 2016 11:13AM
    Everyone knows that Cargo insurance generally covers theft, fire and collision, but ever wonder what it doesn't cover? Last time we talked about Liab...
  • I.C. Cheat Sheet for Insurance Lingo
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Mar 3rd 2016 12:14PM
    Several new Independent Contractors have asked for a cheat sheet on common insurance lingo they hear thrown around, and for my veteran Expediters out there who might like a refresher course in Expediting Insurance you go!
  • What Concerns Truckers Most
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Nov 2nd 2015 9:09AM
    Dan Murray with ATRI shared a summary of their survey's "Top Concerns of the Trucking Industry" at our last Transportation Risk Specialist Conference....
  • Interesting Court Cases
    By Shelly Benisch, T.R.S., C.I.C.
    Posted Oct 14th 2015 12:44PM
    Just returned from the Transportation Risk Specialist conference in Orlando where Attorney Rob Moseley was one of the speakers. Every year Rob educates and amuses us as only he can with summaries of court cases and how they apply to our industry….