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Risky Business

  • Casino Night at Expedite Expo

    By Shelly Benisch - CIC, CIS
    Posted Jul 22nd 2015 11:22AM
    See you all Friday for the best CIS Casino Night ever!
  • Answers to common IC insurance questions

    By Shelly Benisch, TRS, CIC
    Posted May 14th 2015 1:19PM
    Why is there so much chatter on the EO threads about insurance structures right now?
  • How Does a Broker chase coverage for an Owner Operator

    By Shelly Benisch, T.R.S., C.I.C.
    Posted Mar 5th 2015 3:47AM
    Owner Operator provides his own Cargo Insurance? What happens when...
  • Roadie is something to keep your eye on

    By Shelly Benisch, T.R.S., C.I.C.
    Posted Jan 30th 2015 3:27AM
    I would dismiss this as something unlikely to affect our Expedite World, but with the explosive growth of Uber...'Roadie
  • Why VOI? Did You Know #11

    By Shelly Benisch, T.R.S., C.I.C.
    Posted Dec 24th 2014 4:06AM
    January 1st is the target date for a number of Shippers, 3PLs and Brokers to start their Gold and Platinum tiers for pre