Risky Business

  • CIS Mohawk Coach Corey and Shelly Featured Story
    CIS says GO OUTSIDE and PLAY Little Mohawks!
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Sep 1st 2017 10:57AM
    Introducing the Mohawks! CIS is proud to sponsor our first (adorable) baseball team for the 2017 Fall Ball season through the Northeast Ohio Youth Baseball League. They are truly a great group of boys with a wonderful team of coaching, and we're proud to be a part of it. Mom says she's just happy to see kids outside playing:)
  • Owner Operator wears many hats image
    Owner Operator update on Wal-Mart, Amazon, Google and Uber
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Aug 24th 2017 9:34AM
    Wal-Mart has partnered with Google Express to challenge Amazon
  • ATA video helps non-professionals see what professional Truckers can't see
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Aug 4th 2017 9:51AM
    This award winning video from ATA should be required viewing by all new drivers. Send this to your kids or any nonprofessional driver you care about to see what professional truck drivers see...and can't see.
  • Vision on HIghway
    Vision of more Owner Operator Health Insurance options through States
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Aug 2nd 2017 10:29AM
    Given the current ineptitude of our Senate and Congress, Obamacare is apparently destined to limp along indefinitely with few solid options for Independent Contractors. So what can the hard working Owner Operator hope for concerning the future of health insurance?
  • CIS Casino Night 2017
    Best Owner Operator Casino Night Yet!
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Jul 17th 2017 2:56PM
    Wow, what a great time!

    Over 350 Owner Operators, Motor Carriers and Vendors joined us for CIS Casino Night at the Expo in Lexington, KY last weekend. Over $7,000 in prizes were donated between rounds of blackjack, roulette, craps and texas hold'em.

    Check out the prizes that were drawn throughout the night:
  • CIS Casino Night 2017 for Owner Operator Truck Drivers
    Come to CIS Casino Night at Expo 2017
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Jun 20th 2017 12:44PM
    I say enough work…it’s time to PLAY! Let’s blast off a new season and celebrate our positive momentum at Expedite Expo in Lexington, KY July 14th. CIS Casino Night is our way of thanking our Owner Operators and Motor Carriers for their support. Let’s kick back and have some fun together Friday night!
  • Amazon Freight and Uber Freight for Owner Ops and small Motor Carriers
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted May 19th 2017 10:28AM
    Two stories broke this week that should be of interest to Owner Operators and small Motor Carriers.

  • Delivery trucks
    Truck Through History
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted May 12th 2017 2:39PM
    Here's a very interesting story on the History of Trucking compliments of Acuity Insurance....
  • Court Gavel
    Interesting Transportation Court Cases compliments of CAB
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Apr 3rd 2017 10:14AM
    Here's the latest Court Cases that affect Cargo, Auto and Workers Comp for Transportation Motor Carriers and Owner Operators:
  • National General Logo
    More Big League News from CIS!
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Mar 22nd 2017 10:19AM
    Perhaps this is just the start of a what the Trump Bump looks like;

    The freedom of more choices and more opportunities.

    For years there have been challenges finding more true truck insurance providers for our community…
  • CIS and Acuity
    CIS Big League News!
    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Mar 14th 2017 1:26PM
    CIS and Acuity Insurance have partnered to provide new insurance solutions for our community.