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It's a Team's Life

  • Great Places to Eat
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 25th 2009 1:05AM
    We have found a few places in the United States and Canada we like to eat at. We usually eat in the truck but there are a few places that we just cannot resist and if time allows we like to stop at. I am sure you have some also.
  • I get TO!
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 23rd 2009 6:52AM
    I have came a long way in my attitude about everyday and the future. What I have found that works for me is changing a couple of words. I have found when I use the words “I get to” instead of “I have to”
  • Morning Person / Night Person
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 21st 2009 2:58AM

    We are lucky in our team driving as Bob is naturally a night owl and I am an early bird.

    When we had “normal” jobs this was not so much fun but now these traits really work well for us and we exploit them to their full advantage.
  • Waiting to go HOME
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 19th 2009 2:48AM
    Anticipation is starting to build as we will be home for Thanksgiving. We have not been able to get by our house since the first part of September and our mail has been stacking up. I am sure glad we can pay our bills online!
  • On the road versus home time
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 16th 2009 1:46AM
    We are out on the road for usually six weeks to two months at a time and then we go home for at least ten days. We get home spend one day unloading the truck and usually takes one day to get the truck reloaded we run the like crazy.
  • NO TV
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 14th 2009 12:36PM
    We finally took our TV out of the truck! No more Wii which is sad and about all we used the TV for ok maybe we did get a little carried away with Rock Band. We decided the cupboard was more useful as storage so out went the TV!
  • Traveling with Molly
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 12th 2009 12:13PM
    Traveling with a dog can be expensive and an added burden. Molly takes a lot of extra care and attention to keep her comfortable in the truck and safe. She is never allowed out of the truck not on a leash and we also always clean up after her.
  • Where the wind blows......
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 10th 2009 4:13PM
    Where does the wind blow? We are often asked how we can stand never knowing where we are going or when we are going. It is kind of a funny question to us as who cares as long as it pays good enough to run the miles.
  • Phones
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 8th 2009 3:59PM
    Cauliflower Ears! Today has been one of those days where I have been on the phone since it woke me up till evening. We were running on the west coast and I had left a message for a return call from someone on Eastern Time! Guess what time they called?
  • Follow up to Facebook
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 6th 2009 3:11AM
    Face to Face and voice to voice! We meet up with a fellow trucker involved with a few of the truck sites we are involved with. We turned into friends on Facebook and have since kept up with each other from Wall Posts and we finally meet face to face..