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Trucker Buddy Classes

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jan 17th 2012 12:50PM


The above bulletin board includes many of the postcards, pictures, as well as literature we have sent the class.   In return we receive emails from the students asking us questions as well as keeping us updated on what is going on within their lives.

We plan on visiting the class once again in April and both Bob and I cannot wait till we get to spend the afternoon with them.   We are able to take the truck for the kids to see in the fall and last time they toured the sleeper and cab.   On our next trip we will let them see how the lift gate works and show them how freight is secured so that the load will travel safely to our destination.

Our class in France has sent us one-minute sound bytes with the kids speaking to us through an avatar they have created.   We were thrilled to receive these and listen to each one of them speak to us in English with their delightful French accent.   We send this class postcards every other week as well as emails.   They also follow my blog and enjoy the pictures.

We resisted for many years becoming Trucker Buddies as we felt we would not have much to offer the kids.   We have found that the class enjoys the post cards as well as the emails that are sent.   We though are the ones who are greatly rewarded from our association with the children.   We enjoy getting to hear the kids in France talk to us, we enjoy the questions that are asked of us and hearing about their lives.  

Overall this has been a great year working with the Trucker Buddy class and I would encourage others to look into this great program.

Trucker Buddy 


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