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Park ‘N View

By Linda Caffee
Posted Dec 6th 2011 11:35PM


When we first started on the road we a bag phone for emergencies and my laptop computer for communication.   We had dial up service as well as Park ”˜N View, which was a subscription service.  

I came out of an office environment before trucking and I had discovered the joys of Internet and email.   I used email to stay in touch with friends and much of our family due to not liking to use the pay phones often.   I remember us going inside the restaurants and asking for a cordless phone, the waitresses would bring us the phone and we would make a quick call to family before eating dinner.  

Many of the tables also had connections for laptops to plug into for dialup service, which was very slow.   I often had one of our daughters get into my email and delete all forwards and junk mail as we could spend an hour trying to download one or two messages.   This was often the highlight of our day, which was to see an email from friends or family catching us up on their lives.  

I was especially thrilled when I could find a truck stop, which had Park ”˜N View, which was generally a TA or Petro. My whole evening and as much time as I could would be spend on Internet with in the comfort of our truck.   It was quite a site to see many of these trucks with yellow cables running from the kiosk at the back of the truck up to the cab.   Sometimes drivers would forget to unhook and we would see them driving down the road with the yellow cables flapping in the wind off the passenger side.

This arraignment using Park “N View worked well for me as it was the best I could find and then the sky fell.   We went home for Christmas and when we came back out the first truck stop we stopped at that had Park ”˜N View was Santa Rosa, NM.   We went in to buy the access card and the machine was GONE....   We asked and found out that Park ”˜N View was no more.   I still remember the feeling of horror that came over me.  

There has been a long progression of changes since that time of Park ”˜N View connections and I know there are many changes still to come.   Internet has kept us in touch with our families as well as enabled us to stay pretty much self sufficient while on the road to keep our bills current.   We will keep looking to the future for changes to make our lives even easier.

Bob & Linda Caffee

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Saint Louis MO

Expediters 6 years been out here on the road 11 years


Expediting isn't just trucking, it's a lifestyle; Ӭ

Expediting isn't just a lifestyle, it's an adventure;Ӭ

Expediting isn't just an adventure, it's a job;Ӭ

Expediting isn't just a job, it's a business.


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