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It's a Team's Life

  • Too Darn Cold
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Feb 8th 2010 4:50AM
    In the morning, if not under a load, I make my coffee, grab my laptop and set it on the steering wheel. The steering wheel is telescoping and very east to adjust for comfort in typing. This works out perfect unless it is sub zero.
  • Snow and Ice
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Feb 5th 2010 4:31AM
    What a week after all of our sun in California! We took a load into Wyoming and then headed for Minneapolis, but did not get that far. We had a offer to run a short load over the weekend just south of Albert Lea, MN
  • Cost Per Mile
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Feb 3rd 2010 9:05AM
    We are always told to know our cost per mile (CPM). What are our expenses for each mile we drive? Which is the right way to figure this? How do we arrive at this number? The questions go on and on. Is there a right or a wrong way?
  • Progression of the Walk
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Feb 1st 2010 8:44AM
    This past year a group of drivers started The Trucking Solutions Health Group which was to be a few truckers sharing ideas on how to become fit on the road. We partnered up with Driver Health and from there things have gone crazy and we are not looking back.
  • Where is the BATHROOM?
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Jan 30th 2010 11:36AM
    The morning can be an emergency happening when you cannot locate the truck stop and the bathroom. I am often asleep when we stop for the night and I have no clue where we have parked. Sometimes when I step out of truck I can see the building, but most often not!
  • Cool Loads
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Jan 28th 2010 3:50AM
    We just delivered a few race engines to Toyota Racing Development in California, which got me thinking of some of the neat loads we have hauled. We have hauled envelopes to our box being completely full of tires. We have hauled many things that have made us laugh and wonder why.
  • Wind Wind Wind
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Jan 26th 2010 12:28PM
    We have been enjoying the sunny warm California weather for the past few weeks, but our luck has ended. We have been in the wind and the rain lately. We accepted a load leaving the Los Angeles area going up north and have had to leave with the roads flooded.
  • Stress
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Jan 24th 2010 4:21AM
    My stress level starts to go up when we are on our way to pickup or unload for a customer. How hard with the customer be to find? Do we have accurate directions on roads a truck is legal to drive on? Are there low tree branches or overpasses?
  • Truck meets Plane
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Jan 22nd 2010 2:08AM
    We finally had our first load where we were able to unload directly into a charter jet! One of the bonuses of having a lift gate and pallet jack is we were also able to save the day as there were no forklifts in the area to move our freight to the plane.
  • Middle of the night!
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Jan 20th 2010 2:26AM
    The phone rings at three in the morning and it is our custom ring for FedEx Custom Critical with a ASAP pickup and delivery. In ten minutes we wake up, get dressed, get our load information, get in the drivers seat, get our drivers logs updated, fill out our paperwork and get rolling.