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It's a Team's Life

  • Sleep almost ended our Trucking Career

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 1st 2018 7:34AM
    It is very rare for someone to become a team driver and not have problems learning to sleep
  • Boredom

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 27th 2018 9:35AM
    Sometimes the road is really REALLY long or the sun is not coming up or going down fast enough.
  • Getting in your first truck

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 22nd 2018 8:45AM
    What are the bare essentials needed initially in the truck/sleeper?
  • I want to be an Expediter!

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 17th 2018 6:16AM
    How do you prepare for a radical lifestyle change?
  • Making the best of it

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 12th 2018 7:44AM
    Sitting here under a lemon tree, beside our Cascadia, watching the sun come up in Arizona with our dog Texas at my feet