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It's a Team's Life

  • Still Getting it Together

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 19th 2019 8:12AM
    Well, we are still not expediting but we do have a complete truck sitting at our house.
  • Daredevil or Calculated Risk Taker

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 14th 2019 8:06AM
    Recently I was called a daredevil, and I do not believe that is a true statement.
  • Trucker Buddy can be a life changing commitment

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 9th 2019 12:56PM
    The international means a lot to us as our Trucker Buddy classes are all located in France.
  • FIDO

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 4th 2019 7:31AM
    If you are a truck driver or are working towards becoming a truck driver you might want to take FIDO to heart.
  • GATS Pride & Polish Part 3 the Results

    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Aug 30th 2019 11:15AM
    Time for the judges, the award ceremony, and the parade of trucks leaving the convention center.