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It's a Team's Life

  • Job – Work – Dread
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 7th 2017 8:47AM
    So, if we enjoy what we do, look forward to each day, like the money we make do we really have a job or work for a living?
  • Let’s not go Negative
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 2nd 2017 9:06AM
    Negativity many years ago was my motto. Why be positive when we can be negative?
  • Heavy in the Throttle
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 27th 2017 7:30AM
    What does a seventy mile per hour day look like? Having a PedalCoach in the truck is immediate visual reminder of how we are performing.
  • Why do we have to be told?
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 22nd 2017 6:38AM
    While reading headlines I saw one “Why weren’t we told to evacuate?” and I thought to myself we all can see the weather reports and read online the path of a storm and we can think. Move when in danger without being told seems to be the adult thing to do.
  • Bass Pro Shop – Memphis, TN
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 17th 2017 9:30AM
    I first saw the Pyramid in Memphis seventeen years ago when we were in the first truck and the structure fascinated me.
  • School is in session!
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 12th 2017 7:15AM
    Students are back in school and that mean Trucker Buddy is back in session!!!
  • It’s that time of year
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 7th 2017 9:52AM
    Ready or not fall is coming and behind fall is winter. Getting home every few months means thinking ahead about seasons changing.
  • Counting down the days
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 2nd 2017 11:47AM
    We have a huge event happening in our family as we are expecting our first grandchild and it is a GIRL!
  • GATS Pride and Polish 2017
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Aug 28th 2017 8:37AM
    This past week was spent cleaning and polishing our 2015 Freightliner Cascadia with 340,000 miles on it for the 2017 GATS Pride and Polish Truck Show held in Dallas, Texas.
  • Let’s not meet
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Aug 23rd 2017 7:33AM
    If I meet you I could lose my CDL, our business, and have to start looking for a job. Really, I do not want to meet you.