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It's a Team's Life

  • Follow up to Facebook
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 6th 2009 3:11AM
    Face to Face and voice to voice! We meet up with a fellow trucker involved with a few of the truck sites we are involved with. We turned into friends on Facebook and have since kept up with each other from Wall Posts and we finally meet face to face..
  • Facebook
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 5th 2009 4:41PM
    Meeting new people! We have been chatting with a guy on Facebook for some time now and we are waiting to meet for the first time. He lives just east of where we are sitting and will be coming by here in an hour or so on his way to pick up a load.
  • Portland OR
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 3rd 2009 4:24PM
    Portland Oregon has a ton of bike and walking paths that are pretty easy to access from the Jubitz truck stop. It is pretty awesome for a desert rat like me to walk along the Columbia River and see floating houses and try to imagine what they must be like to inhabit.
  • Winter is....
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Nov 1st 2009 3:39AM
    It is the time of the year for the dreaded S word! I like fall and watching the leaves turn colors and I really like fall colors but what comes next is not much fun! Driving at night and running into snow sure can keep you tense.
  • Happy Halloween
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 31st 2009 3:33PM
    Happy Halloween!
    We delivered at Yakima Training Center in Yakima WA and they had really decorated the place up! The base was having a decorating contest and these ladies had really decorated the place up and they continued the theme to the inside. It was fun..
  • Take Advantage
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 30th 2009 1:12PM
    We are often presented with opportunities while out on the road to go and have fun. We have a double edged sword as when we are running slow we have time to site see but worry about the funds. When we are running hard we have spare cash but...
  • Cattle Drive
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 27th 2009 2:15PM
    Each day is a new day out here! I took some pictures of what we just saw after we unloaded our load. Usually when something of interest happens like this I cannot get to my camera for today it worked out that I could record this happening.
  • Brandy
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 25th 2009 11:37AM
    Our youngest daughter is an inspiration to us in many ways. She is now a Captain in the Air Force. She is a civil engineer who really enjoys her job and enjoys being in the service and the many opportunities she has. She is also an athlete who has started running marathons.
  • Staying Alert
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 23rd 2009 1:36AM
    Bob and I split our driving shift between 2 and 3 in the morning. Sometimes it can be work to stay alert just before the sun comes up for me. I have downloaded what I call my stay awake music and when I see the sun trying to peak its way out I go to my stay awake music.
  • Who are you going to call?
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 21st 2009 1:16AM
    We have found that having a network of friends sure helps to make our lives easier! We have contacts with in the office, we have contacts among other expediters and we have contacts in other areas of trucking. The cell phone keeps us in touch.