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It's a Team's Life

  • Diets just do not work for the long term
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 28th 2009 12:15PM
    This years New Years Resolution was to get out of the truck and exercise and to eat healthier. This was one of the resolutions I have been able to stick with. We could see our health was rapidly going south and it was time to put a stop to this. Our weight was going up, our blood pressure was slowly creeping up and now Bob's blood test came back with an elevated cholesterol level.
  • Where Are We?
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 28th 2009 11:40AM
    Sometime I think we live in the state of confusion! One of the questions often asked in our truck is where are we? Next is which way is the truck stop from where we are parked? If you were asleep when the truck was parked you often look as if you live in a state of confusion as you try and determine where the truck stop is and you are in a hurry to find it.
  • Organization
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 24th 2009 3:21AM
    When the truck is going down the road your personal items have a tendency to relocate themselves in your cupboards! There are many ways to keep everything in its proper place but not every way is convenient. Through advice from long time truckers and also trial and error we have found uses for bungee cords baskets shelf liners and curtain rods to make our lives easier.
  • High School Friends – Expediting – Facebook
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 22nd 2009 10:52AM
    High School Friends – Expediting – Facebook amazing how all things working together can bring back friends that you thought were lost years ago. We through Facebook reconnected with and old high school buddy of Bob’s and through Expediting were lucky enough to be in Houston and get to take a tour of where he works at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.
  • Making Plans
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 18th 2009 12:06PM
    Murphy always calls when you make plans for what you think is going to be a slow day for load offers! It never fails if we make plans for an evening without going out of service BEEP and our business side kicks in and the plans go out the window.
  • Professional Presentation
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 17th 2009 3:04AM
    My thoughts on talking to our shippers,receivers, dispatchers as an Owner Operators for FedEx Custom Critical compared to talking to the same types of people while hauling general freight.

    We are constantly seeking out ways to improve how are we are perceived as professionals in our business.
  • Anticipation
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 14th 2009 1:53AM
    Once we have the truck loaded we are in hold mode which is stressful. We are all dressed up and no place to go.

    We wait and wonder which way the load will take us and where we will get to go. We do not want to get involved in any projects as the phone can ring at any minute and within ten minutes we need to be rolling out of the driveway. Most of our load opportunities are for an ASAP pickup.
  • Home Time
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Sep 8th 2009 5:43AM
    Home Time- When we go home we exhaust ourselves cleaning out the truck then reloading the truck! We find we try to cram a lot of to-do things into a very short amount of time. We are running from morning to night!
  • Canada here we come...
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Aug 26th 2009 2:06PM
    Border crossings can be tricky and can be very stressful and you just never know how each one will go. We had a really nice load with a lot of miles going into Canada but the catch was HazMat!

  • Funny Billboard
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Aug 25th 2009 12:09PM
    You can see the funniest things out on the road. The birds looked pretty real until I looked at the third Blue Man