It's a Team's Life

  • Featured Story
    Respect the sleeping
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Apr 18th 2017 5:44AM
    Team Driving is about respect for each other in a small space. How do we handle one of us going to bed much later than the other or getting up much earlier in the morning? Hint; paying money into a video game is not an option.
  • The Sound of Silence
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Apr 10th 2017 8:24AM
    When the television and radio are turned off it is amazing how active the voices in our heads become. Yes, I have voices in my head that speaks to me. Turn off the noise pollution and hear your inner voice.
  • Why does it matter?
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Apr 5th 2017 7:27AM
    Removing all of the placards after a hazmat load can be really difficult to do but there is a reason and maybe a different reason then you would first think.
  • Brain Dead?
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Mar 31st 2017 7:57AM
    Too many decisions grind the brain down to a halt and then no decision is made.
  • Step outside of the truck and leave the doors open
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Mar 26th 2017 6:16AM
    Truck searches are a part of our lives, day in and day out, we have someone poking around in our cupboards and our personal belongings.
  • MATS – Mid America Trucking Show -2017
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Mar 21st 2017 6:46PM
    See you there March 23rd – 25th at the Convention Center and in the evenings at the Papa John’s Truck Parking area.
  • They said What?
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Mar 16th 2017 8:36AM
    Where do you get your trucking information and how do you use it? When listening to the radio, consider why the host is saying what they are saying. Is there personal gain to be had for the host and their future?
  • Riding the Roller Coaster part 2
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Mar 11th 2017 10:31AM
    t only is expediting like a roller coaster with loads it can also be compared to a roller coaster with income.
  • Riding the Roller Coaster
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Mar 6th 2017 6:32AM
    Expediting is anything but predictable as we very seldom know where we are going next or when the next load will be offered. Talk about exhilarating!
  • Help, we may have lost our minds
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Mar 1st 2017 7:09AM
    For 12 years, we have said no to becoming a fleet owner and now we are saying maybe…
  • Am I the problem?
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Feb 24th 2017 7:22AM
    When the sign says, right lane closed ahead I move over to the left pretty quickly. Have I been doing this wrong all of my driving life?