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Fuel for Thought

  • Billy Graham Library
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 12th 2009 3:27PM
    Well, I waited in South Carolina until Friday night, but no run was forthcoming. So, I decided to head for home. On the way thru North Carolina, I decided to stop by the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte to do some Christmas shopping.
  • In Da Sunshine!
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 10th 2009 1:49PM
    It's funny, when I got home from my last run, after 'Racing the Storm', I looked at the weather map, and said "The only warm place I see is Columbia, SC ! So, guess where I sit tonight LOL. Yep, Sitting in Columbia, after delivering over by Myrtle Beach this morning. I was tempted to have another 'Daycation', but after driving all night, I was pretty tired, so I came on up to Columbia to go to sleep. Now, I wouldn't brag to friends that I was sitting in near 60 degree sunshine while they were talking about snow... not me! I would NEVER do that.... :-)
  • Racin the Storm
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 8th 2009 6:56AM
    Well, I'm sitting in Peoria, IL, trying to decide whether I want to get some more sleep, or head out towards home. I had a nice 600 plus mile run that delivered in Waverly, IL this morning, then came up here to sleep. I hadn't seen the weather forcast for this area, but was hoping I'd be far enough South to miss the storm I kept hearing about. Of course not! They are predicting up to 5 inches over night, with winds of up to 45 mph. The worst is supposed to hit about 7 pm tonight, but as I type this, the freezing rain has begun to fall on my van.
  • Waitin on a Horse!
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 5th 2009 6:40AM
    Now, you'd think I'd have learned about "country roads' that this GPS routes me on... LOL... nope! Away I go, 3:30 in the morning... down a road that was BARELY big enough for my van. Both lanes would not make up one good lane. The twists and turns made me come almost to a dead stop to make some of the turns. Just as I was thinkin 'this is a big mistake'.... I discovered a section of houses! Wow, what an area to live in.
  • Countdown!
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 1st 2009 4:36PM

    You can definitely tell it’s winter time! I drove thru some pretty good weather changes. In the mountains of WV and VA, there was pretty good snow cover on the ground, then today here in NC, it was 60 degrees and sunny! That’s one of the cool things about this job, if you’re cold .. or hot... just wait a day or two... you’re probably be in the opposite weather!
  • Thankful anyway!
    By Dale
    Posted Nov 30th 2009 4:32PM
    Well, with Thanksgiving, it’s been a slow week again. Couple of short runs, one of which turned into a dry run of course, then nothing. It does get a bit frustrating, when you’re ready to go, and want to run, and you don’t get that call. Of course, if you WANT to go do something, go out to dinner, hit a movie, visit family... well then, that guarantees a call LOL.
  • Frustration 2
    By Dale
    Posted Nov 24th 2009 3:21AM
    Since my luck has not been running so well lately, you know it had to be another screwy load. I got to the transfer location about 8 and napped til the transfer driver arrived in the area in his Sprinter Van. Before the forklift driver headed over, it became apparent there was a BIG problem. The freight fit fine in his Sprinter van... filled almost to the top... yep... about 6 inches too tall for my van. Yep, I waited almost 6 hours for another load to big for my van.
  • In the South
    By Dale
    Posted Nov 21st 2009 3:15AM
    Well, I figured right! I'm glad I went home and went back to sleep yesterday. Later in the evening, when I'd about given up, I got a call for ASAP pickup, hot hot hot parts going to Birmingham, AL. Over 600 miles, when I thought all I'd be doing was watchin TV for the evening. So, threw my stuff in the van, and headed for the pick up. Turned out it was a light load, which as you know, I hate for ride quality, but it makes for good fuel mileage... so I can't complain too much. Pretty uneventful ride... interstate most of the way... down I71 thru Ohio, into Kentucky.... then picking up I65 at Louisville, running on down thru KY, TN and into Alabama.
  • Short run
    By Dale
    Posted Nov 20th 2009 12:25PM
    Well, after a slow week, I got a short run that picked up last night about 25 miles from home, and delivered this morning near Indianapolis. Only about 175 miles.. didn't like committing the van over night for such a short run, but after a few days home, couldn't turn it down. The fun part came when I got to the address I was given, and there was no plant by that name anywhere close. There was one huge factory, but no address listed on the street. I called dispatch, and they said satellite had me within 50 yards of the address, look across the street.. LOL... When I informed them across the street was a farm field they were as confused as me.
  • Downtime
    By Dale
    Posted Nov 18th 2009 7:02AM
    Well, I've had a couple days of downtime this week, but not on purpose. Came home late Saturday night so I could go to church with the family on Sunday morning. We had a good service, then were invited up to my sister's house for dinner. After a nice family dinner, the instuments came out, and we had a good ol fashioned "hoe-down" LOL. I'm not really a bluegrass style player, but my sis and her husband play in a gospel group that does a lot of that kind of music.