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Fuel for Thought

  • Gone without a trace
    Gone Without A Trace
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jun 11th 2017 10:36AM
    Truck parking has been an issue for quite some time, leaving some drivers few options when it is time to stop for breaks. This can lead drivers to park in questionable areas. Most drivers try to plan ahead, but unforeseen delays in route can often put a driver in a position to get creative when it comes to parking. Finding adequate safe parking can be a challenge, but there are always better, safer options than parking on the shoulder of the interstate for a ten hour break.
  • Rise Of The O/O ?
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jun 5th 2017 6:27AM
    What does the future hold for Fleet Owners(FO)? When the economy is down, fleet owners are an easy, and cost effective way, for drivers to get in the seat, but when the economy starts to move forward, drivers may find ownership more attractive. Recently our economic outlook has started to look up, something it has not done in quite a while.
  • The Rise of FO
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted May 30th 2017 11:12PM
    Evolution is inevitable.

  • Be Seen, Not Hit
    Be Seen, Not Hit
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted May 20th 2017 9:58AM
    A small investment can reap huge rewards. For a little time and a small amount of money, you can increase your level of safety exponentially.
  • New floor
    Little Things
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted May 15th 2017 3:58PM
    Little things can have a big impact. As a truck owner, many times, time off can mean time to work on the truck, whether for maintenance or even just upgrades, large or small.
  • Communication
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted May 5th 2017 1:19PM
    Communication has evolved over time. People have always found ways to convey their thoughts, intentions or emotions to another person.
  • Driving On the Tracks
    Strangers On A Train or Wrong Turn
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Apr 26th 2017 3:03PM
    Trains run on tracks. Trucks run on roads. They are not interchangeable, although many times their paths will cross, you normally wouldn’t consider driving on the tracks. The last place a truck driver wants to find him or herself is stuck on the railroad tracks, even worse, to be driving on the tracks.

    Let me tell you, it is an eerie feeling filled with anxiety and doubt if you find yourself driving on railroad tracks.
  • Potatoes
    A Good Place To Dig Potatoes
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Apr 21st 2017 4:41PM
    Have you ever wondered where some of the towns and cities get their names? We pass through them so often, even the odd ones start to seem normal.
  • Early bird
    Early Bird
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Apr 14th 2017 9:10AM
    The early bird gets the worm. An old saying that we have all heard most of our lives.
  • Secured Freight
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Apr 6th 2017 8:16AM
    Two words that can have a huge impact. Many people complain about it when they receive a less than adequate version of it, and nowadays it seems nearly non-existent, or at least hard to find. When you are looking for it, you want the best you can get.