Fuel for Thought

  • Turkey Point Fossil Plant
    Your Point Of View
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 21st 2016 4:28PM
    Regulations. Traffic. Hours of service. Traffic. Weight limits. Traffic. Equipment failures. Traffic. Incorrect addresses. Traffic. Route restrictions. Traffic. Fuel prices. Traffic. Detention time. Oh, did I mention traffic ? These are just a few of the many complaints we hear almost daily when talking with other drivers.
  • Shortcut
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 13th 2016 7:45AM
    There are many ways to complete a particular task. Some tasks require specific steps to reach the desired end result, while others can be accomplished with many different options to still reach the end result satisfactorily.

    Short cuts can be useful, even beneficial for reaching your desired goal faster or for less expense. Then there are some shortcuts that should be avoided at all cost. Determining whether or not taking a shortcut will be to your benefit will vary depending on the risk factors involved.
  • Left Lane Cruiser
    Are You a LLC?
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 8th 2016 9:09AM
    Are you a LLC? If you are, why? There are much better ways to run than to be a LLC. These days while traveling the highways and interstates, I see more and more LLCs everyday. It has almost gotten to be an epidemic. More and more LLCs hit the road every day, creating problems along the way. Our interstate and highway system was not designed for the number of LLCs that I see everyday. If you are a LLC, try another approach, just use it and then move on.
  • Your License or Your Life
    Your License or Your Life
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 29th 2016 10:10AM
    Motorized mass transit, moving people and products by rail has been around for a long time. Then the automobile and truck were built and with these came the interaction of cars, trucks and trains.
  • Be Prepared
    Are You Ready ?
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 26th 2016 12:18PM
    Are you prepared? Help is not always readily available.
  • $1,000,000 Pre-Trip Inspection
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 18th 2016 9:19PM
    Did you hear about the driver who found $1,000,000 during a pre-trip inspection ?

    Well, I found $1,000,000 under my truck while I was doing my pre-trip inspection the other day. I was just going around the truck, doing my usual checks and there it was, just lying there under the rear of my truck. I did not see it the night before when I parked, it was a dark parking lot. But you can imagine my surprise to find it there in the early morning sun.
  • What's your type?
    What's your type?
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 11th 2016 4:05PM
    Be Positive is not just a blood type!
    Have you ever heard the old saying “misery loves company” ?
  • Weigh Station Sign
    Why was July 22, 2016 significant?
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 3rd 2016 10:14AM
    Why was July 22, 2016 significant? For many it was just another hot day in the summer of 2016. For commercial vehicle drivers it has more significance.
  • Obstacles Ahead
    Start At The Beginning
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jul 30th 2016 10:00PM
    If you are just starting out in this industry, or any other for that matter, there will always be hurdles on your path. For those who are considering joining the ranks in the trucking industry, do your research and be as prepared as possible.
  • 1st Ford Plant
    Origin Of Expediting ?
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jul 25th 2016 7:34AM
    Many expediters congregate in “Auto Alley”. That is to say, they basically run auto parts in a certain region of the country and their main customers are auto manufacturers and their suppliers. It takes a lot of people, whether directly or indirectly, to get cars from conception to the end user.