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Fuel for Thought

  • Little Things
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 28th 2017 10:13AM
    While there are many truck drivers who are company drivers, most expediters, and truckers in general, are owner operators, or are at least self employed contractors. Even driving for a fleet owner, drivers will usually be contractors.
  • Buyer Beware
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 22nd 2017 9:26AM
    Caveat Emptor (the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made) - commonly known as Buyer Beware
  • The Gold Standard
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 14th 2017 9:46AM
    Running a small business has many challenges. Owning and operating a small trucking trucking business presents it’s own set of unique challenges.
  • Plan Your Breakdown
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 6th 2017 12:10PM
    Truck drivers can plan for a multitude of events. Many things can be pre-planned, and most probably are.
  • How Harvey Helped
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Sep 2nd 2017 2:10AM
    Hurricane Harvey had a bigger impact on our country as a whole than it did just in the immediate areas it directly impacted.
  • The New File Cabinet
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 24th 2017 8:17AM
    As a small business owner, over the years many things have changed. One thing that has remained constant is paperwork and records.
  • Monumental Eclipse
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 19th 2017 10:07AM
    Recent events may lead many to believe that Americans just cannot get along with one another. After hearing about the rallies, riots, protests and general hatred spewed from news media sources, a good number of people tend to think we are in very turbulent times.
  • Roadside Inspections to Decrease
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 10th 2017 8:57AM
    The Industrial Age brought about new technologies in the field of manufacturing. Prior to this time in history, most goods were produced individually, one at a time, by hand, by people, and while time consuming, most often times the quality was superb.
  • Proper Prior Planning Promotes Peak Performance
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 5th 2017 2:52PM
    Getting a great paying load is the goal of most drivers, but that is just part of the equation. Of course, you have to get the load to meet your financial needs, but then comes the most crucial part, successful execution.
  • Driver vs. Owner
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jul 30th 2017 10:25AM
    Driving for a fleet owner is not without it’s perks. As an owner - operator, I get approached by drivers often. While they will have many questions about becoming an owner - operator, often times they overlook critical aspects of taking the risks that are involved if they were to buy a truck.