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Fuel for Thought

  • From Quiet Country Roads, to the Bright Lights!
    By Dale
    Posted Aug 26th 2009 8:58PM
    It never ceases to amaze me the differences in surroundings I can see in one day working this job. On the way to the pickup, I was on winding, two lane roads.. surround by overhanging trees. One part of the trip, I drove for about 5 miles within stones throw of the Ohio River, and could see boats cruising by, and people fishing from the banks, and small fishing boats. I picked up near a small town called Friendly, and as I left, the moon was out, and it was just me and the trees for a while! Once again, it was one of those peaceful nights, where I just turned off the radio and enjoyed the ride.
  • A Good Monday!
    By Dale
    Posted Aug 24th 2009 5:57PM
    Since this is the beginning of my blog, I guess I should introduce myself! I’m Dale, and I am the owner and operator of a 2003 Ford E350 Van, which is leased to FedEx Custom Critical. Most of my working years have been spent at indoor jobs, including a stock broker for a short while, customer service for a Fortune 500 company, and 13 years in the restaurant industry. I was tired of someone over my shoulder, and being inside all the time, so it was time to get on the road!