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Fuel for Thought

  • The Waiting Game
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 29th 2009 3:55PM
    Yesterday's run brought up a good point that prospective expediters need to remember. Many people go out and stay out a long time, and therefore, when they're home, they are out of service. Since van drivers can run much cheaper than big trucks, many van drivers will run back home and stay in service. The thing to consider is, if you stay in service, and go away from your van/truck, you run the risk of missing a run.
  • Short run to Kokomo
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 28th 2009 5:50PM
              Tonight I just got back from a short run over to Kokomo, IN.  Light box, easy...
  • Home for Christmas.
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 27th 2009 9:41AM
    I've enjoyed a few days out of service to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. It's been rough because it's our first Christmas without my brother. It just didn't quite seem right to be opening presents and having a celebration without him. Making it even harder is the fact that we had presents from him.
  • Fun at the Border!
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 22nd 2009 4:19PM
    As normal, I pulled up to the customs booth, handed the agent my ID, Passport, etc, and he started the routine questions. I don't know if an alarm went off, somebody radioed, or what, but suddenly all heck broke loose, with agents swarming a truck in the lane beside me. The agent looked up, said 'stand by a few minutes', and bolted from the booth. Within seconds the truck was surrounded, and the driver and two passengers were ordered out of the truck, and they 'assumed the position' with agents patting them down!
  • Racin the Storm.. again!
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 19th 2009 4:15PM
    Well, I got to 'race a storm' again.. this time trying to get home before it hit.... I had a nice long run from WV to IL, and as I was driving, I kept hearing about the bad weather coming. As everyone knows, the big snow storm was coming up the East Coast thru WV, VA, etc. I was getting slush rain, and some snow, but wasn't sure how bad it was going to be at home.. so , after resting a bit, I headed for home.
  • Paid to break stuff!
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 17th 2009 4:05PM
    Had a long run over night last night... just a light load going to Buffalo, New York. It's final destination was Quebec, Canada, but it was being transferred to another driver as it was too long for me to take direct. I picked up a place I"d never been, but it would sure be a cool place to work. As I drove back the long entrance road to the facility, I kept hearing a plane that sounded big, and very close! I kept looking for a low flying plane, or a landing strip, but never did see one. I drove on back to the shipping dock, which was situated between some huge buildings. Turns out this was a commercial testing site where they tested jet engines!
  • Home for a Birthday
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 15th 2009 5:30PM
    Today I had promised to be home for my son's birthday dinner, so I was hoping to get a run that would allow me to be back home tonight. It hurts to turn down big runs, but I was just hoping, ya know? It's not like he's a little kid, he's 20, in college, but still lives at home, and who knows how many more 'at home' birthdays we'll have with him. I'm sure before too many years, he'll be getting married, have his own home, and birthdays will spent with his own family, so it's good to take the time now.
  • A Familiar Face!
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 14th 2009 3:56PM
    Today it was pretty cool to go to a delivery, and be recognized! I delivered to an area with a little higher security than normal, which required an escort to ride with me while on their property, and remain with me in their warehouse. As security was tied up with other loads apparently, a supervisor came out to ride wth me. As he got in, his face lit up, and I realized it was a gentleman who had talked with me over a year ago about Expedite! He and his wife came to the Expedite Expo last year, and sat in on several seminars, including the Driver Roundtable I helped with.
  • Christmas Shopping
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 14th 2009 5:29AM
    One of the hard things to do while on the road, is get your Christmas shopping done. While my wife does most of the shopping for presents, there are still a few I need to get. Sometimes the timing works out that I can do it while home for a couple days... but I always get paranoid. You just know as soon as I"ve got a cart full, and in a long checkout line... 'ringggg' LOL.
  • Billy Graham Library
    By Dale
    Posted Dec 12th 2009 3:27PM
    Well, I waited in South Carolina until Friday night, but no run was forthcoming. So, I decided to head for home. On the way thru North Carolina, I decided to stop by the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte to do some Christmas shopping.