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Fuel for Thought

  • Monumental Eclipse
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 19th 2017 10:07AM
    Recent events may lead many to believe that Americans just cannot get along with one another. After hearing about the rallies, riots, protests and general hatred spewed from news media sources, a good number of people tend to think we are in very turbulent times.
  • Roadside Inspections to Decrease
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 10th 2017 8:57AM
    The Industrial Age brought about new technologies in the field of manufacturing. Prior to this time in history, most goods were produced individually, one at a time, by hand, by people, and while time consuming, most often times the quality was superb.
  • Proper Prior Planning Promotes Peak Performance
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Aug 5th 2017 2:52PM
    Getting a great paying load is the goal of most drivers, but that is just part of the equation. Of course, you have to get the load to meet your financial needs, but then comes the most crucial part, successful execution.
  • Driver vs. Owner
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jul 30th 2017 10:25AM
    Driving for a fleet owner is not without it’s perks. As an owner - operator, I get approached by drivers often. While they will have many questions about becoming an owner - operator, often times they overlook critical aspects of taking the risks that are involved if they were to buy a truck.
  • Screenshot
    Help Yourself and Others At The Same Time
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jul 24th 2017 5:23PM
    Sometimes we do things to help ourselves, other times we do things to help others. Then there are those rare times where we can do both things at the same time.
  • Round Table Discussions
    Return on Investment
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jul 19th 2017 2:13PM
    My first Expedite Expo is now behind me. What an event! I had been reluctant to take time off from work to attend in years past as it meant I would lose income for that time period and I am running a small business.
  • Expo 2017
    17 to 1
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jul 17th 2017 2:44PM
    Odds are, if you attended this year's Expedite Expo, you probably had a pretty good time.
  • Change Is Constant
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jul 8th 2017 1:48PM
    A lot of changes have taken place lately, or will soon, for the trucking industry. Of course, even when no major changes are looming on the horizon for truckers, they can usually find something about the industry that they do not like, and are more then happy to voice their opinions on the matter to anyone who will listen.
  • Be Safe
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jun 25th 2017 4:04PM
    We hear it all the time, maybe even so much that we may become numb to it. Repetition is good for a lot of things, but many times that same repetition can make us ignore what we constantly hear.
  • Shower Program
    Can I Get A Shower?
    By Greg Huggins
    Posted Jun 17th 2017 12:23PM
    Getting clean, hot shower on the road can be challenging at times. A decent truck stop with showers might be too far out of route. If you find one,