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Fuel for Thought

Nashville 840 Bypass

By Eric
Posted Mar 23rd 2013 1:08PM

I finally had a chance to take the 840 loop around the southwest part of Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve been waiting for a chance to use it. Wikipedia says it opened on November 2, 2012. This week I made a delivery to Smyrna, TN. At the west end of the bypass where TN 840 breaks away from Interstate 40, I reset my gps and measured the bypass route to compared it to the direct route through Nashville. Straight through Nashville was 57 miles to my destination, and the bypass measured 60 miles. I will always use the bypass for the stops near Smyrna. There was no sign of Nashville and its traffic. It’s very scenic, rolling farmland. The entire length of bypass is 78 miles. During rush hour I would probably opt for the bypass if needing to clear the entire Nashville metro area on I-40.



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