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Fuel for Thought

Making a difference

Posted Apr 22nd 2012 9:46AM

     When people think of todays children they think of video games, and Ipods, the internet and cellphones. They don't think of children helping in the community to make a difference. One of our friend's daughters was recently featured on the Detroit news for her efforts to help the Westland Relay for life. She is 9 years old. Along with a group of children they are trying to raise as much money as they can for this event. Her interview can be found here: It brings back a bit of hope for the future generations seeing children who are trying to make a diffrence in the lives of others.

     If you would like to donate to the cause here is the link to do so.

Please remember cancer touches us all in one way or another.

Jenny Marcu

Leased to Load1

2006 Sprinter


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