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Sirius XM Radio announces changes in trucking lineup

Feb 13, 2009 - 12:55:41 PM | By ExpeditersOnline

Sirius XM Radio's Road Dog Trucking Radio channel will now feature a single channel combining shows from legendary trucking radio hosts, the new generation of trucking radio talent, and exclusive programming from both the Sirius and XM services.

As of Feb. 17, for the first time XM subscribers will hear Sirius' dynamic trucking radio programming, and Sirius subscribers will have access to XM's lineup, on Road Dog Trucking Radio on Sirius channel 147 and XM channel 171.

Road Dog Trucking Radio will feature a lineup of exclusive live call-in shows hosted by legends of trucking radio such as Dave Nemo and "The Truckin' Bozo" Dale Sommers, plus the next generation of trucking stars with Evan Lockridge's "The Lockridge Report, Meredith Ochs and Chris T.'s "Freewheelin'" and Glen "Jonesey" Jones, who will be keeping truckers company on the new overnight show "Jonesey's All Night Truck Stop."

Road Dog Trucking Radio also features exclusive Sirius XM Trucking News updates, interstate weather updates and interstate alerts detailing highway and construction delays.

"Sirius XM's Road Dog Trucking Radio now connects all our listeners with the best trucking hosts in the business, and, equally as important, with each other," said Scott Greenstein, president and chief content officer.

legendary DJ Bill Mack, who has hosted a daily trucking show on XM's Open Road channel for seven years, will join Willie Nelson's exclusive Sirius XM channel, Willie's Place, to host a daily show. The Bill Mack Show will premiere on Sirius XM's Willie's Place Sirius channel 64 and XM channel 13 on Monday, Feb. 16 and will air Monday-Friday from noon-3 p.m. ET.

Sirius XM's Road Dog Trucking Radio daily programming lineup:

Dave Nemo/7:00 - 11:00 am ET
Veteran radio personality Dave Nemo - marking his 40th year on the air - spotlights news and topics of interest for professional drivers, takes calls from around the country and welcomes guests such as industry leaders, government officials, and engineers on the leading edge of the trucking industry.

Freewheelin' with Meredith Ochs and Chris T./11:00 am - 2:00 pm ET
Daily high-energy talk show for truckers featuring news, pop culture topics and guests from the world of trucking, music, and more.

The Lockridge Report/2:00 - 4:00 pm ET
Trucking journalist Evan Lockridge tackles the tough issues facing truckers today - interviewing industry heavyweights and giving drivers a voice on breaking news and issues.

Dale Sommers: The Truckin' Bozo/4:00 - 7:00 pm ET
Trucking radio icon Dale "The Truckin' Bozo" Sommers delves into hot button issues affecting the trucking industry as well as politics and current events in his trademark upbeat style.

Landline Now/7:00 - 8:00 pm ET
Host Mark Reddig delivers important industry news and information focused on the professional trucker. Produced by the Owner-Operator Independent Driver's Association exclusively for Sirius XM.

ATBS Business and Beyond/12:00 - 1:00 am ET
Host Kevin Rutherford explores topics such as taxes, tires, engines and new technology and how they affect the bottom lines of company drivers and owner operators.

Jonesey's All Night Truck Stop /1:00 - 5:00 am ET
Glen "Jonesey" Jones opens the phone lines to America's truckers for an all-night coast-to-coast gabfest. The son of a truck driver, Jones once held the Guinness Book World Record for longest continuous radio broadcast.

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Mike Cozzens
14 Feb 2009, 12:49
We are going to miss 24 hour programing.I find my self going to other channels and not coming back to open road. I think Dave Nemo has the best trucking show all around. He covers all the issues good or bad.I was very dissapointed that Bill Mack was moving to another channel. I dont get to listen very often as i got out of trucking went to under ground mining but i am still very interrested in trucking. thank you mike
jerry davis
14 Feb 2009, 14:03
I for one am completely unsatisfied with the programing now being presented by satellite radio to the extent that I have dropped one of my three receivers and next month plan the not renew the other two. I heard the you people are going chapter 11 and if this is what your presenting and expect to get paid more for I can well understand why.
14 Feb 2009, 17:25
What they aren't saying is that they have dropped thier license for music on the trucker channel. There is now no source for trucker music. Dave Nemo is the premier source for trucker music history. His studio is filled with tracks that don't exist any where else. And not to mention Marcia's show on Sunday "Trucker Talent Spot Light". Incredible discoveries of musical and poetic talent in truck drivers.

If you notice, more shows from XM survived and will now be on Sirius than the other way around. And yet Sirius people are still in charge!
robert hutton
14 Feb 2009, 20:31
First it was the end of music on trucker radio and now the end of the best truck network on any type of radio.with the addition of unknown people to the open road channel it is an insult to dave nemo and dale sommers.It is like sending the two biggest names in the business back to the minor leagues.Now after paying for another years subscription i hear the company is going bankrupt.ever since sirius came in things have gone downhill,WAY downhill!!Get the sirius people out before there is nothing left!!
14 Feb 2009, 22:19
I agree with the negative comments Ihave read about Serious Takeover of XM.
If I wanted to subscribe to Serious Sat. Radio I would have bought one of theirs. I thought the competition between the Two Satelite systems was healthy. Now we have to put up with what the People who would hire a POTTY MOUTH like Howerd Stern will program on the Satelite. I was quite happy with XM RADIO.
I am "Serious-ly" considering cancelling the rest of my Subscripion if the programming gets any worse.
Ken Mote
14 Feb 2009, 22:19
I listen to Daves show everyday, and the rest of the day I listen to talk radio. Sirius changed the weather channel and screwed that up,, then they changed the traffic channels and screwed that up(if i`m in Baltimore I don`t need to hear D.C. traffic).
My subscription is up in Aug 09, so sirius has till then. Everything I listen to can be heard on FM or AM except for Daves show, so if that changes much more then Aug 09 will end it for me and Sirius.
Edward J. Smith
15 Feb 2009, 19:38
Just one more change for the worse.The programming all across the band has been going steadily downhill. I enjoyed Bill Anderson's show visiting with the legends. It was on a 24 hour reel on Tuesdays. Now it's buried on the weekends when most people are at home and away from their satellite radios. How about taking the subscribers interests into consideration. As far as the new programming on Open Road, who are these people?
edward sullivan
16 Feb 2009, 04:11
well xm is not the only one that made changes sirius did also myself i have had both xm and sirius for years and have always felt sirius had better musuc channels and xm had better talk channels
and as far as they going bankrup dont think that will happen satelite radio here to stay sure we dont like change but its still better than am fm radio always looking for a clear channel i say give it chance i got sirius because iam big nfl fan and deside to keep them both because i did like both trucking networks but now they are going to be all i have to add best of sirius for nfl and cansel my sirius account because now its all on xm the channels i listen to give sirius xm radio a chance it will work out
16 Feb 2009, 08:45
If its not broke dont fix it the folks in charge would do well to remember that truckers made them what they are today and we can also break them dont mess whith our chanel.I for one will not put up with it.IF ITS NOT BROKE DONT FIX IT !!!!!!!
Maurice Magers
16 Feb 2009, 09:24
I have had XM radio since they first went on the air. I have already canceled the subscription to two of my four XM radio's with these latest changes it looks like it is time to cancel the other two XM radio's.
I have listened to Dave Nemo since he was with Charlie Douglas in New Orleans and Bill Mack, The Trucking Bozo in the truck over the past 30 years XM made a great choice with all three on one channel that you could listen to all across this nation, a good combination of talk, news and trucking music.
This made a great channel music breaks up the monotony of constant talk radio!
ATBS is nothing but a infomercial for his bussiness. This seems to be what Sirius wants to be just another Infomercial company.
Frederick R Sumner
16 Feb 2009, 09:28
I have been listening to Dave Nemo since the first night he came on the air on the charlie Douglas show on WWL. The trucking music, and truckers chuckles have kept me awake, and got me home many, many nights. If he can't play his music anymore, I'm not listening anymore. I have two Serius, and four XM radios that will be shutting down. You lost me, and I hope that you loose many others. Dave Nemo, isn't Dave Nemo without the Music.
Al AKA Fred Flintstone
11 Feb 2014, 21:55
Bill Mack, & Trucking Bozo was Great Adult Entertainment. Unlike Howard Stern and Opie and Anthony and shows like those is nothing but TRASH. Was thinking about putting XM in my business since I got off the road 5 years ago. but if XM treats truckers like that ADIOS XM / Sirius!
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