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Owner Operators Now Have 15,000 Great Reasons To Sign With Panther

Feb 6, 2012 - 8:43:57 AM | By
When you’re the leader of the premium logistics industry, you’re probably not going to hesitate when it comes to grabbing your share of the best drivers on the road. That’s exactly the approach that Ohio-based Panther is taking as, this month, it rolls out an impressive new sign-on bonus plan that includes up to $15,000 for tractor teams and straight truck teams.

“We work with the best owner operators in the business and we’re willing to give them a substantial incentive to partner with us,” says Kyle Mitchin, Recruiting Manager at Panther. “The highly qualified teams we seek are the ones who go above and beyond to serve their customers—so we’re going above and beyond when it comes to their bonuses.”

Mitchin explains that while sign-on bonuses will be available for all new Panther contractors, the top pay out will go to tractor teams and straight truck teams who have their HAZMAT endorsement, passports, and a secret security clearance. Those teams will be eligible for up to $15,000 in bonuses, paid to the truck over a 180-day period.

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“These owner operators deserve a top bonus for meeting our qualifications,” he said. “We have a high business volume right now and it’s a great opportunity for teams who are looking for industry-leading compensation with a top rewards program.”

“For drivers looking to become owner operators or single owner operators looking to become a team, Panther has an answer. From our tractor lease purchase and driver recruiting assistance to Premier Driver Rewards Program, we have a solution to drivers’ needs,” Mitchin states. “We do all we can to reward our owner operators. They take care of our customers, and we take care of them. They’re the lifeline of Panther.”

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of partnering with Panther, call 866-685-9280 or visit their website at for more information.

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David Mayfield CEO of Mayfield Express
07 Feb 2012, 05:18
We have Fourteen trucks on with Panther Expedited Services and we are very happy with the choice we made to move to Panther Expedited Services. We moved four trucks from our old carrier in September of 2008 and have had many record months. Mayfield Express LLC has grossed over $3,000,000.00 since moving to Panther Expedited Services and plan to add more trucks on with the company.

Panther has shown us MANY times that they are committed to helping Mayfield Express LLC hit our goal of 50 trucks. The only regret is we wish we had done it sooner. Feel free to call our office at 330-723-5100 if you want to hear from a company that has been in the expedite business since 1995 in regards to Panther Expedited Service.

In all my years of being in this business this is the BEST Sign on bonus I have ever seen.
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